FARMINGTON – A nonprofit, Farmington-based recycling business was recently refunded nearly $1,000 because revenue from the sale of recyclables was higher than predicted.

Victor Horton, of the Maine Resource Recovery Association, said area recycling organizations pay annual dues to an MRRA marketing cooperative, which then sells the recyclables. This year, Horton said, revenues from sales were higher than expected, so a portion of each organization’s dues was refunded. One of the biggest refunds, $964.24, went to Sandy River Recycling of Farmington, which serves more than 20 towns, mostly in Franklin County.

“We had a good year this year,” Horton said, exhorting coop members to “keep up the good work. The more you recycle, the more potential” there will be for future refunds.

Sandy River Recycling Manager Ron Slater said the refund will be divided up among the towns based on their volumes. “It’s great – and it’s long overdue,” said Slater, who is also on the board of MRRA. “I’m glad that we can do it. It … takes dedication and work, you know, for all the towns and all the boards of selectmen that are behind recycling.”

Per ton, the cost to the towns for recycling is more than $15 less than sending trash to a dump, Slater said. And $15 multiplied by the nearly 2,000 tons Sandy River disposes of annually adds up. “The fact that Sandy River (recycling) costs less than disposal means that it’s kind of working,” he said.