HARTFORD – A Hartford man was arrested after he jacked a shell into his gun in front of two family members and told his sister on the phone with 911 to warn police to bring their guns because he had his.

Police arrested Richard Allen Turner, 45, last week on charges of aggravated reckless conduct, aggravated criminal trespass and domestic assault at his family’s Notta Road camp, Deputy Mike Halacy said. A judge set bail at $400, and Turner was released from jail Monday, a court official said.

Last Friday evening, Turner walked from his camp to his parents’ camp, about 60 feet away, and the trouble began. His mother and sister were home at the time.

“He was told to leave several times, he would leave and come back, and at one point, he attacked the sister’s dog, and the sister and he got into a wrestling match over that,” Halacy said.

Their fight prompted their mother, Annette Turner, to call 911. At some point, Turner went back to get his .380-caliber semi-automatic, and when he returned, he loaded it and told his sister, then on the phone with a dispatcher, to make sure police had their guns because he had one, too.

Halacy said it was uncertain why Turner was so upset, but that he was highly intoxicated and he objected to his sister being at their parents’ home.

When four police arrived, Turner did not fight, and after being told several times to get to the ground, he obeyed.

No one was hurt.

Turner will have his arraignment at the Oxford County Superior Court June 22.