The holders of unredeemed vouchers issued by the city for brown tail moth nests (or what were accepted as brown tail moth nests) want their pay, and in some cases counsel has been retained, and unless the city redeems in cash, the vouchers issued, several law suits are threatened.

It is contended that the vouchers were given for nests, accepted by the city’s authorized agent, as brown tail moth nests. The supply of checks was exhausted, and vouchers were issued. The vouchers state that the holder is entitled to so much, for “Brown Tail moth nests” received by the city.

In cases where counsel have been retained, a formal demand will be made upon the city treasurer to redeem the vouchers, and if he declines, there promises to be some interesting suits fought at the next term of court.

50 Years Ago, 1956

A Legislative Research sub-committee was told today that Canadian woodsmen are not pushing Americans out of jobs, and that their services are essential to the Maine pulp and paper industry. The committee held a hearing in its investigation of woods employment conditions which was ordered by the 1955 Legislature. Complaints were prevalent last year that the Canadians – more than 5,000 work in Maine woods – were accepting sub-standard wages and sanitary conditions in the camps and thus were depriving Americans of these jobs.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Interest rates soared and stock and bond prices tumbled Monday as an unexpected jump in the nation’s money supply triggered expectations that the Federal Reserve would move to sharply tighten credit. The Fed did just that after the markets closed, raising the rate it charges banks to borrow from district Federal Reserve banks to a record 14 percent.

Syria defied the Reagan administration and Israel Monday and refused to withdraw surface-to-air missiles from eastern Lebanon, demanding instead that Israel be pressured into halting all military activities in this war-scarred nation, Western diplomatic sources reported.