Dear Sun Spots: We once read in the newspaper that when you purchase a gift certificate, it would still be good even though they have an expiration date. Once money is exchanged for this certificate it remains good according to, I believe, state law. We purchased a certificate from Mt. Abram as a gift for Christmas, but for medical reasons this person has not used it.

Now we are told it can only be used in the Ski Shop but cannot be used for skiing next season as it has the expiration date of April 2006. Certificates that were purchased from another ski resort have an expiration date of the season of 2006, but they told us they have to honor it even though it has an expiration date on it. Can Sun Spots find out what the legal aspect of this is? Can they make us lose the money we paid? – Cecile Langlois, Lewiston.

Answer: Sun Spots spoke with Mt. Abram owner Josh Burns who says it is thanks to you that the company was made aware of this change in the law. Apparently, many business owners, including Mt. Abram were unaware of the change made last year. Burns notes that the changes were not well articulated or easy to understand for business owners. Burns says it’s thanks to your correspondence with the company that it was alerted to this change. Burns says Mt. Abram has advised you that there is no problem redeeming your certificate anywhere on the mountain, be it skiing or the ski shop. They’ll be happy to accommodate you. So have fun next season. According to their Web site, Mt. Abram will open Dec. 16. Happy skiing!

Dear Sun Spots: I was wondering if anyone has easy directions to get to Fenway Park without going over the Tobin Bridge? Like going to a nearby city and taking a T-train or any other suggestions? Thank you. – No Name, Lewiston.

Answer: Sun Spots asked for help among the diehard Red Sox fans here at the Sun Journal, and it seems many are very familiar with Fenway Park.

For starters, don’t forget the Downeaster in Portland, which will get you from Portland into North Station in Boston. You can then hook up to the subway and make your way to Fenway. The benefit of this is there is no need to drive, and with high gas prices that’s not such a bad option; plus there would be no parking fees and no tolls. The Downeaster offers a one-day special from Portland to Boston for $38 round trip. Check them out online at

One of the ways you can go is via train and subway, parking at Suffolk Downs race track and taking the Blue Line to the Government Center stop and transferring to the Green Line. Take the Green Line to the Kenmore stop using any Green Line train, except the E. If on the Green Line – D branch, use the Fenway stop. It’s an easy walk from there, and you can follow the crowd. There are various other places you can get on along the way to Boston. Just go to the Red Sox Web site at and look up directions.

In addition, another co-worker notes the Tobin Bridge has become very easy to traverse these days. Since the Big Dig was “finished” last year, traffic moves much more smoothly. It is probably fastest for somebody driving south on Interstate 95 from Maine to Fenway to get off on Route 1, drive for 25 minutes, head over the bridge (and they say the new Zakim Bridge is beautiful), get on Storrow Drive into the city, get off at Kenmore Square and follow the signs for Fenway. If you don’t see signs, you take a right at the fork into Kenmore, and then ask someone. In addition, all the surrounding towns have the T, it just depends on where you want to go.

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