FARMINGTON – With colleges picked out from Bentley to Wesley and Bates to UMaine, Mt. Blue High School’s top 10 students plan to further their education after graduation in June.

SAD 9 directors recognized the students and their families during a brief ceremony Tuesday at the school board meeting arranged by high school Principal Joe Moore.

“This is a wonderful opportunity for you to meet our top scholars of 2006,” Moore said. Out of a class of 230, these young people are the top 10, he said.

Moore had students Lisa Hartung, Christine Clements, Britny Lee, Ben Wooden, Malina Dumas, Kaitlin Frost, Rebekah Church, Isaac Raymond and Tristan Bates introduce their families.

Student Alycia Buchheit was unable to make the ceremony.

He also had them share some of their plans, which include studying health nutrition, accounting, arts, international relations, math, mechanical engineering and possibly pre-dentistry.

“We’re very proud of these young people,” Moore said.

He also lauded their parents for their efforts.

“It takes a village to educate children now-a-day,” he said.

Each student was applauded and then applauded again as a group.

Board Chairman Ray Glass told parents they had reason to be proud.

He presented each student with a certificate of achievement from SAD 9 directors.

Then it was time for a break and a quick snack and some conversation with students.

When it was time to go, Director Bob Neil of New Sharon stopped the scholars and their parents and stood up to clap followed by other members of the board.

“Very well done,” Neil said.