Family is something you need in life. Everybody has some sort of family. It doesn’t have to be just parents or children! It can be with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and even friends.

A family is a group of people in a home that love one another. It doesn’t mean you all have to get along. It could mean that you have that person to talk to, play games with or just go places.

You could have good days and of course some bad days. Bad days are the ones that you feel like you’re getting picked on, by something or someone. You just want everything to go away. Most of the time it just means that they care, and sometimes it’s for the attention. They don’t mean to do it in a mean way. In every family there can be arguing, nagging, teasing and whining. But there are ways of dealing with them. It is part of growing up, learning how to deal with difficult issues. The pressures of life can be overwhelming. You just have to balance your life style, schoolwork, sports and family responsibilities. Enjoy life and the times that are spent with family.

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