Dear Sun Spots: I wish to correspond with any of the Becklers who are relatives of the following Becklers who attended a reunion in Livermore Center in July of probably 1930: Martha C., G.H., I.T., W.I., S.H., and Earl, as well as any relatives of Mrs. Sabrina E. Jackson of South Paris, who was the granddaughter of Daniel John Beckler, and who was 85 at the time of the reunion. I myself am the great-great-grandson of the same Daniel Beckler, who was born in Germany in 1748, and who immigrated to America with his sister. I am having trouble finding out his parents’ names, the city they came from, and when and where the children arrived in America. I would appreciate any information I can obtain from any Beckler relatives. Please send any responses to Stanworth Beckler, 645 W. Rose St., Stockton. CA 95203 ([email protected]) or via phone at (209) 464-5496. – Stanworth Beckler, Stockton, Calif.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, you might like to consider contacting the Maine State Archives to see if they can assist you with this inquiry. You can reach them at Maine State Archives, 84 State House Station, Augusta, ME 04333, 287-5788.

Dear Sun Spots: I would like the words to “God Bless America Again.” I believe it was recorded by Tex Ritter several years ago. Thank you. – Irving Cole, Greenwood.

Answer: God Bless America Again, Tex Ritter


God bless America again

You see all the trouble that She’s in

Wash Her pretty face, dry Her eyes and then

God bless America again

(verse 1-recite)

God, I sure do wish you’d bless America again

You know, the way you did back when it all began

You blessed Her then, Lord, but somehow we just took it for granted

And we never did ask again

So, just hold Her hand, God, that’s all

And if she should stumble, please don’t let Her fall

(verse 2-recite)

You know I never did understand everything I read and hear about what’s

Wrong with America

But when you don’t have a lot of book learning

I guess there’s lots of things you don’t understand

But let me say this, God She’s like a mother to me

And all I am or ever hope to be, I owe to you and to Her..

(verse 3-recite)

Some of our people have forgotten your role in America’s greatness, Lord

And honesty and character don’t seem to count much with our leaders


Lord, when you were involved, America was a beacon to the world,

And with your help, She can be again.

So please God, bless America, again.


Wash Her pretty face, dry Her eyes and then

God bless America again

Dear Sun Spots: Do you or any of your readers use 6-ounce glass, nursette, prefilled formula bottles for your baby? Please do not throw them away. I am in desperate need of empty glass formula bottles.

I can be reached at 441-4533. – No Name, No Town.

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