Dear Sun Spots: The Park Avenue traffic issues are not unique. We suffer the same situation on Hotel Road and Lake Street. I was alarmed to see a suggestion to alleviate their problems by making ours worse. To whom may we write to express our concerns that the solution is not better or bigger roads? We do not have bumper-to-bumper traffic in these areas. We have law-breaking drivers. Would Sun Spots be able to find out how many actual speeding tickets have been issued in these areas and if this number has risen as traffic increased? – No Town, No Name.

Answer: For interested readers, the Park Avenue traffic issue you are referring to was reported by Sun Journal Staff writer Scott Taylor in “Studying the Park Avenue speedway,” published in the April 26 edition of the Sun Journal. The article quotes a Park Avenue neighbor’s wish for a way for traffic to avoid Park Avenue entirely by stating, “If they built up Hotel Road, that would let all those cars just miss us completely.” The story does stress that speeding is an issue on Park Avenue.

Sun Spots spoke to Kevin Mulherin, Auburn Police Department’s Captain of the Criminal Investigation Division, who kindly researched the total traffic stops for Hotel Road and Lake Street. He found there were 42 traffic stops on Lake Street and 220 traffic stops on Hotel Road in 2005. He noted that about 99 percent of those are likely for speeding. While the department does not have a breakdown of those, thanks to Mulherin you and others do get a better idea of stops in that particular section of Auburn. In addition, you might also consider sharing your traffic concerns with the Auburn Police Department at 784-7331. You can also contact the Androscoggin Valley Council of Governments (AVCOG) Androscoggin Transportation Resource Center at 783-9186 to voice your concerns and see if there are any traffic studies planned for your area. Voicing your concerns may give attention to the speeding problem and possibly bring about solutions.

Dear Sun Spots: We are a nonprofit organization, and we have been collecting empty prescription medicine bottles. The program that we are collecting them for has ended. We would like to know if you know of an organization or group that can use them. You may contact me at 539-9067 or e-mail me at [email protected] Thanks. – Diane Page, Oxford.

Dear Sun Spots: Sun Spots is such a great help for our area. We appreciate you very much. I have a request please. Where can I find a box for a Rolex watch? It is a joke for someone. Please call 353-7119 and ask for Joanne. Thanks in advance for your help. – Joanne in Lisbon.

Dear Sun Spots: Regarding Thursday’s column about birthday greetings from the White House to the elderly on their birthdays and other special occasions: I wish to add that on a recent occasion I missed the deadline for a friend who turned 97 years old. I knew I was late, only three weeks prior to her birthday, but took the chance of sending my request. To my surprise she received the letter of congratulations from the White House on time for her birthday. It made her day.

Your writer could still make her request to the White House. A 100th birthday is unique, and not too many people reach this highlight in their lives. Hopefully, her father will reach his 101st birthday. She may be as lucky as I was. I am sure her father would be very proud and surprised to get special congratulations from our president on this very special occasion. I personally congratulate him, too. – Norway reader.

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