AUBURN – Winners have been announced in the two fishing derbies sponsored by the Auburn Parks and Recreation Department and the Auburn Exchange Club, as follows:

May 6: Bass Division, 9-10 year-olds: Largest, Dakota Williams, 14″; Greatest Total Length, Kyle Romero, 45″; Greatest Total Weight, Makayla Norcross, 37-ounces.

Trout Division, 11-12: Largest, Tyler Witham, 12.5″; Total Length, Dylan Hill, 35″; Total Weight, Ashley Arnold, 23-ounces.

Salmon Division, 13-15: Largest, Zach Emmons, 14″; Total Length, Adam Lozis, 43 1/4″; Total Weight, Zach Lebrecque, 23-ounces.

First and last fish caught: Zach Lebreque, 14, first; Dakota Dulac, 10, last.

May 13: Perch Division, 7-8: Largest,Cheyanne Kritzer, 14″; Total Length, Ben Harris, 41″; Total Weight, Brittany Jalbert, 27-ounces.

Sunnies Division, 5-6: Largest, Marcel Trepanier, 15″; Total Length, Maggie Veilleux, 33.5″; Total Weight, Mason Aube, 12-ounces.

Minnows Division, 3-4: Largest, Bryson Dumais, 11″; Total Length, Jonathan Baker, 18.5″; Total Weight, Tyler Jalbert, 6-ounces.

First and last fish caught: Marcel Trepanier, 5, first; Austin Davis, 6, last.