We recently heard about yet another month of job increases in the U.S. That was the 32nd straight month of job increases. Did we read about that in the Sun Journal? Of course not.

The unemployment rate is 4.7 percent. That either matches or is less than any of the 96 months that Clinton was in office. Not reported in the Sun Journal.

Some 5 million new jobs have been created since the Bush tax cuts. To keep suggesting that manufacturing jobs are being outsourced overseas, over and over again, is simply unfair. We have lost manufacturing jobs in this global economy for 50 years or more. Yes, even during the Carter and Clinton years.

When John F. Kennedy cut taxes, Democrats loved it. When Ronald Reagan signed his 1981 Economic Recovery Act, the largest tax cut in American history, it led to a huge increase in government income.

The Bush tax cuts have also increased revenues substantially. The problem: Congress spends it all and then some. The solution: Stop voting for liberals.

Finally, had a Democrat been president, such news would not only be in our paper, but it would be front page news.

Marcel Morin, Lewiston