Dear Sun Spots: I see a lot of blue jays in the winter months, but when summer comes, I don’t see any. Can anyone tell me where the blue jays go in the summer? – No Name, No Town.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, Sun Spots checked with Tom Hayward of the Stanton Bird Club who notes there are still flocks (five to 10 individuals) of blue jays flying around, but many are now pairing up to nest. Hayward notes The Audubon Society Encyclopedia of North American Birds says: some jays remain in same area year-round; others move southward in fall.

Author and novelist Monica Wood, who’s an avid bird watcher, says the blue jays are nesting which is probably why you think they “go away” in the summer. The winter flocks disperse in order to pair off and get to the business of raising the blue jays you’ll see in flocks next winter!

Freelance Sun Journal writer Dave Sargent also notes that the birds are year-round Maine residents. Sargent has spent many summers at a wooded campground and they have always been there, morning and night, always happy to raid everyone’s bird feeders. Nevertheless, there may be some reasons that they appear to leave for a while. In the spring until early summer they are very visible. It’s their mating season, and they are very raucous and often acrobatic in courting. When nesting season follows, they are less vocal and mostly have taken to the wooded areas, particularly evergreen sites.

Of course, in fall, winter and early spring, when there are no leaves on the trees, it may be easier to spot the blue jays – and not as easy when the leaves are out. However, the blue jay is probably just as numerous through the summer in Maine as at any other time.

Dear Sun Spots: My wife and I moved back to Maine about four years ago. We are now being told by friends that our living will and will will not be honored in the Maine court system, because they were signed in Texas. It seems no one has the answer to this, so I feel it would be of great interest to many of your readers.

Is this true?

Can I redo our wills and have two of our friends act as witnesses for it to be considered legal by the Maine courts?

Is a Maine will absolutely necessary when everything we own or have is in both of our names? Also, we have our daughter, who is 42, as our beneficiary, should my wife and I die together. There is no one to contest our will.

Thank you very much for your time. We read your items every day. – John Dube, Rumford.

Answer: Sun Spots would urge you to contact a qualified attorney specializing in these types of matters to discuss the legalities here in Maine. In the meantime, several forms for advance directives or living wills are available locally without charge.

In Lewiston, people can request one at St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center’s front desk or chaplain’s office, or at Androscoggin Home Care and Hospice on Strawberry Avenue. Both organizations have social workers and others available to help people with questions regarding their advance health care directives.

People also can visit Central Maine Medical Center’s Web site – – and download a Maine health care advance directive form, print it and fill it out. Click on the patient and visitor guide, then the inpatient guide and then advance directives.

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