PORTLAND – Jehovah’s Witnesses have launched an intensive campaign to extend a personal invitation to everyone in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and Massachusetts including those from Caribou, Maine, to Amesbury, Mass., to attend the 2006 “Deliverance at Hand!” District Convention.

The Witnesses want to provide each household with the specially printed invitation that also gives information about the three-day event being held at the Cumberland County Civic Center beginning at 9:30 a.m. Friday, May 26. Admission to the convention is free and no collections will be taken. The conventions will be held May 26-28 and again June 2-4 Portland.

This massive volunteer effort to invite people to this and similar conventions will take place around the world. The Northeast’s 89 Witness congregations are unitedly taking part in a campaign to advertise the convention programs that will be held in 155 lands. Conventions are scheduled in Germany, the Czech Republic and Poland during July and August.

At these conventions people will have opportunity to hear a message of comfort and hope, which according to Romans 15:4 explains one reason why the Bible was written.

The Witnesses believe that mankind sorely needs deliverance from the effects of inherited sin and its consequence, death. They believe that only God can bring about that kind of deliverance.

Part of the convention will examine Jesus’ role in delivering mankind and will review various Bible accounts of deliverance. There will also be special focus on passages describing the hope of survival during God’s fast-approaching day of reckoning.