AUBURN – A woman who pleaded guilty to child endangerment stemming from her relationship with a methamphetamine maker is back in jail.

Donna Marie Pagnani, 23, of Lewiston failed to check in daily at bail offices on Park Street and was arrested for violating a probation condition, according to court papers. On one of the days she missed, she said her car had broken down.

Pagnani was being held at Androscoggin County Jail following her Thursday arrest and pending a court hearing.

She pleaded guilty last week to the misdemeanor count of child endangerment; she faces up to a year in jail. Her sentencing is set for Sept. 7. Four other charges, including felony drug counts, were dropped. Prosecutors said her only crime was living with a meth cook, who was her boyfriend and the father of their 3-year-old daughter.

Pagnani’s lawyer, Allan Lobozzo, said last week his client was trying to pull her life back together after the Jan. 25 raid on the apartment she shared with Louis Rubino Jr.

She has been working nights at a bakery, Lobozzo said. She was ordered by the court to take parenting classes and complete a substance abuse treatment program.

“She’s been doing a tremendous amount to set her life in order,” Lobozzo said.

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