Kevin Cadorette has grilled a cheeseburger for comedian Bill Murray. He’s looked after vintage muscle cars and a group of beloved miniature horses.

And the 20-year-old’s not sure, but he might have wandered into a background shot or two while the Discovery Channel filmed its popular reality series “American Chopper.”

Not bad only three weeks into work.

“I love it. You couldn’t ask for a better job in the world,” he said.

Cadorette, a Leeds native, has been hired as caretaker for Paul Teutul Sr., owner of Orange County Choppers in New York and one of the stars of the Discovery Channel’s “American Chopper.” In exchange for pay, a place to live – and some really cool experiences – Cadorette runs errands and watches over Teutul’s property, with its small farm animals, expensive cars and elaborate pool.

The “American Chopper” series follows the often-gruff Teutul and his sons while they custom-build motorcycles and run their bike shop Orange County Choppers. A fan of the show, Cadorette couldn’t believe it when he got the job working for Teutul.

“I was like Holy crap!'” he said.

Cadorette graduated from Leavitt Area High School in 2004. He’d worked in landscaping and in his father’s auto body shop, and was thinking about going to trade school when a family friend asked him to help with a move to New York.

The family friend happened to be the father of Teutul’s general manager. Cadorette stayed with the general manager in New York while he helped with the move.

Enthusiastic and sociable, Cadorette mentioned how much he liked the area. The general manager mentioned that Teutul was looking for a caretaker.

Resume. Interview.

“Next thing you know, they said When can you move here?'” Cadorette said.

He started about three weeks ago.

Cadorette has an apartment on Teutul’s property and spends his days taking care of Teutul’s dogs, miniature horses, goats and donkeys. He watches over the property, making sure Teutul’s muscle cars are in order, that the complicated pool system is working, that the area is free of litter and weeds.

The second day on the job, someone asked him if he knew how to grill burgers. Orange County Choppers was building a bike for Bill Murray, and the comedian dropped by for a barbecue.

“He loved it,” Cadorette said. “I thought it was pretty cool.”

Although he’s been around the Orange County Choppers’ shop for work, Cadorette isn’t quite sure whether he’s been on TV. People continue with their business when Discover Channel films, Cadorette said, and sometimes they land in the background of an episode. Sometimes they don’t.

Regardless of the TV show, Cadorette would love to ultimately land a job in the shop. He wants to be a fabricator.

Until then, he said, he’s happy where he is.

“I consider this trade school for me,” he said.