delicate, reluctant, appointed, amazed, regain

Facts and details: Literal Meaning

What did Psyche’s husband tell her not to ask him?

Who did Psyche invite to come visit her?

What did Psyche hide in her bedroom?

Why did cupid wake up?

What did he do when he woke up?

What’s going on? Reading comprehension

Why did Psyche’s sisters say her husband was probably a monster?

Why did Psyche try to see her husband’s face?

Who does Cupid think Psyche trusts the most?

Who did Cupid make angry by marrying Psyche?

Why do Cupid’s sisters want to go back to the mansion?

In your own words…

“Beauty is as beauty does” is an old-fashioned phrase that uses old-fashioned language. In this story, we are told that Psyche’s sisters are very beautiful, but artist Dylan Meconis didn’t draw them that way.

Write an essay about the difference between being beautiful and doing beautiful things, and the choices that Dylan made in her art for this part of the story.

Newspaper activity

(Candles are the leading cause of house fires in America!)

In the days before electricity, people used candles and oil lamps to light their homes. Psyche is not careful with her lamp. She risks starting a fire by leaving the lamp unattended, and she also ends up hurting Cupid with hot oil. In those days, there were also more frequent house fires than we hav e today. Look in the newspaper for stories about fires in which firefighters tell the paper what caused the fire. Keep track of these causes for several days and make a graph of the most common causes of house fires in your community.

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