Dear Sun Spots: We are looking for someone who might remember the Wayside Inn Dance Hall (action in the 1950s and ’60s), located on Route 26 just south of the Poland Spring Hotel in Poland. If there are any Sun Spots column readers out there who recall this hall, is there a chance you might have a snapshot of the building during those years? And, might you also be willing to share it with the Poland Historical Society for our records? If we could get a copy of your picture, we would gladly return your copy to you. Please call Mary at (207) 998-4391 if you can assist. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: In response to No Name, No Town who wanted to know how to play a children’s game using a rubber ball: I, too, played this as a child, but we bounced the ball on the ground instead of throwing it against a wall. One would bounce the ball and complete an action before catching it, saying a different command for each action thusly: “Maisy,” bounce ball and catch; “Clapsy,” clap hands; “Roll-a-ball,” holding hands in front of you, quickly rotate one over the other; “Tabapsy,” touch right hand to right shoulder and left hand to left shoulder simultaneously; “High ball,” bounce ball quite high before catching; “Low ball,” lean down and bounce ball gently before catching; “One hand,” bounce and catch ball with right hand; “The other hand,” bounce and catch ball with left hand; “Touch my knee,” touch knee; “Touch my toe,” lift foot and touch toe; “Touch my heel,” lift foot and touch heel; “Telephone call,” raise leg and clap hands under knee; “Answer it,” raise opposite leg and clap hands under knee; “C.O.D.,” dribble ball three times.

To continue and making the game increasingly difficult, complete the second action before each of the commands. For example: Maisy, clap hands once; Clapsy, clap hands twice; Roll-a-ball; clap, then rotate hands, and so on. Continue preceding each action in the third round with Roll-a-ball, and so on. Hope this is what you’re looking for. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: This is my first year as a beekeeper and I’m looking to buy a used honey extractor or any other related beekeeping equipment. Also, does anyone have a recipe for making soap? Please call (207) 897-7046, and ask for Herb. – Herb Robertson, Livermore Falls.

Answer: In addition to responses from readers, you might want to check out the Maine State Beekeepers Association online at for more on beekeeping supplies. It’s a great Web site and well worth the visit.

Dear Sun Spots: The Jay High School class of 1981 is the process of gathering information for the 25th class reunion to be held July 15 at Murray Hall. They need any e-mail, mailing address or phone numbers on the following classmates: Ray Crosby, Ron Deschene, Ed Fournier, Lisa Greenleaf, Barbara Hebert Louwers, John Landry, Ann LeBlanc Judkins, Chris Parsons, Cindy Righter, Jim Roy, Jean Roy, Craig L. Smith, Jim Therrien, Wendell Wright, Ron York. Please contact Ann (St. Jean) Souther at (207) 897-3566 or via e-mail at [email protected] – Ann Souther, Livermore Falls.

Dear Sun Spots: The PTO of Webster Intermediate School in Auburn is looking to borrow memorabilia of the school to display at Webster’s 90th birthday celebration. Pictures, clothing, trophies. etc. anything from years past to jog memories or enlighten, would be appreciated. All items will be handled with care and returned promptly. Please call Arlene Bowles for information at 576-3945 or drop items at the school office with Mary Ritchie by Tuesday, May 30. – Arlene Bowles, Auburn.

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