WEST PARIS – After considering a fee for large loads of demolition debris for several months, selectmen last Thursday voted to impose a $25 fee for pickup truck loads equaling 100 cubic feet, roughly, a full pickup load.

They also agreed that the fee would become effective after two free loads have been deposited.

Selectman Wade Rainey said the fee will involve loads containing demolition debris, wood waste, brush and other materials resulting from construction projects. He made it clear that for two loads per year there would no fee if the hauler has a permit slip obtained from the town office prior to delivery. From three loads on, the hauler must purchase permits for each load for $25.

“All permits must be obtained at the town office,” Rainey said, “and no load of 100 cubic feet or more will be accepted without a permit.”

The reason for the permit rule and accompanying fee was stated as being a way to help cut excessive costs the town incurs through hauling and tipping fees for demolition, construction debris and brush.

It was also decided that waste materials must be cut to be no larger than 2- by 4-feet so bins will pack better with less air holes causing them to fill faster than is necessary.

The program starts June 14.

“This will help make sure the bins are full before being pulled and will help defray the cost of getting of large amounts of demolition debris,” said board Chairman Bill Birney.

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