BETHEL – Men’s League, May 26, 2-man quota: 1. Bob Laux-Mark Egeberg, +9.5; 2. Kyle Rafford-Steve Pelletier, +7; 33. tie, Joe Gallagher-Mike Pelletier, +3; and Pat Roma-Paul Boudreau, +3. Closest to the pin: Bob Laux, 2’4″.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD – Friday Skins: Tim Tracy, #2, 4, 8; Jason Longley, #5; Lou Longtin, #6; Jeff Stafford, #7; closest to the pin #3, Doug Read, 30’2″; 2. Tim Tracy, 32’6″; #7, Jeff Stafford, 16’11”; Tim Tracy, 37’5″.

Skins game is held each Friday. Call the Pro Shop for details.


LEEDS – Saturday Blind Draw, Team Points: 1. tie, Rick St. Laurent-Tim Mynahan, and Ray Convery-Don Jalbert, +21; 2. Lonney Steeves-Gerry Laroche, +14.

Sunday Skins: gross, #1, Gerry Laroche; #8, Ron Leeman; #13, Bruce Angelides; #14, Brad Pattershall; #15, Dick Therrien; #17, Dave Morin; net, #1, Gerry Laroche #13, Bruce Angelides; #14, Brad Pattershall; #17, Morin.

Welcome Scramble: gross, 61 (MC), Ray Convery, Matt Howard, Don Jalbert, Esther Pattershall, Bill Crane; net, 52.5, John Pleau, Bob Tremblay, Matthew Martin, Kathy Martin, Mike Starn; 2. 54.5, Pennie Cummings, Scott Foster, Mark St. Hilaire, Debbie St. Hilaire. Pins: #2, Bob Cochran, 10’8″; #8, Don Jalbert, 7’9″; #13, Mike Starn, 9’1″; #15, Jim Fleming, 19’6″. Long drive: black tees, Ray Convery; blue tees, Carl Pratt; green tees, Judy Corkum.

Poland Spring

POLAND – Ladies League, revert 3 holes to par: A Flight, Laura Young, 75; B, Joanne Conley, 89; Diane Dubois, Charlene Lacasse, 97; C, Charlene Parker, 113. Closest to the pin #6, Laura Young, 23′ 3 3/4″; fewest putts, Joanne Conley, Laura Young, 30.

Men’s League: gross, Larry Ross, 39; Rick Cote, Sonny Merrill, 41; net, Roger Bernier, 35; Jon Ray, Brian Briggs, 36. Closest to the pin #13, Brian Briggs, 14’11”.

MSGA tourneys

Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association weekly tourneys:

At Lakewood:

CLASS A: Gross: Adam Duplisea, 72; Mike Norris, Eric Fitch, 75. Net: Kent Johnson, 76-69; Darren Jensen, 78-69; Micky Davis, 76-71 (MC).

CLASS B: Gross: Galen Chapman, 77; Brad Robinson, 81; Charles Pushard, 84. Net: Dave Dunham, 87-66; Jeff Beach, 83-67; Rod Lougee, 88-70.

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Dana Worster, 76. Net: Hal Stewart, 83-73.

Two-Ball: Gross: Micky Davis, Mike Knox, Dana Worster, Jesse Speirs, 141; Hal Stewart, Kent Johnson, Adam Duplisea, Mike Cole, 142. Net: Bob Tweedie, Don Finley, Dave Dunham, Ken Belcher, 153-128; Sean Farnsworth, Galan Chapman, Bill Babine, Jim Chabot, and Darren Jensen, Rick Dyer, Mike Hayes, Jon Fillmore, 154-130.

Skins: Saturday: gross, Adam Duplisea, Brian Rodgers, Darren Jensen; net, Jeff Beach, Rick Dyer, Dave Dunham.

Pins: Saturday: Kevin Bilodeau, #3, 6’8″; #6, Brian Rodgers, 6’9″; #10, Rodgers, 6’3″; #18, Dennis Demmons, Sr., 15’11”.

At Gorham:

CLASS A: Gross: Shawn Warren, 64; Marc Siewertsen, Ron Brown, Jr., David Gushee, 69; Justin Ball, 71; Nick Conner, 72 (MC). Net: Eric Hayward, 67-65; Pat Keely, 72-65; Brandon Poulin, 73-66; Kevin Mahoney, 73-67; Darrell Herbert, 75-68; Paul Renaud, 75-68 (MC).

CLASS B: Gross: Guy Gagnon, 74; Mark Ballard, 77; Tom Donovan, Pat Leavitt, 78; Mark Stevens, 79; Mike Tiner, 81 (MC). Net: Jim Ladd, 77-65; Don Cobb, 79-67; Tom Skelton, 81-67; Tim Downing, 78-68; Dennis Leaver, 80-69; Tony Puleio, 82-69 (MC).

CLASS C: Gross: Rick Zemla, Gary Berlucci, Rob Langlois, Sr., 83; Terry Campbell, Jim Reilly, Tom Plante, 84. Net: Peter Allen, 83-66; Steve Mitchell, 92-66; Kevin Gillespie, 88-68; Tim Sheehan, 87-68; Kevin Bell, 86-68; Bill Holmes, 87-69 (MC).

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Dale Brown, Jim Veno, 74; Terry MacMillan, 75. Net: Bob Gray, 75-68; Craig Pride, 92-69; Terry McCullough, 86-69.

BEST 2 of 4: Gross: Erik Clark, Justin Ball, Nate Nealey, Shawn Warren, 129; Bob Parmakian, Jason Rousseau, David Gushee, Brandon Poulin, 133; Shawn McKague, Tim Mariano, Gary Manoogian, Matt Greenleaf, 135; Al Bouchard, Pat Keely, Vic Nunan, Rob Buck, 138. Net: Ron Brown, Jr., Marc Siewertsen, Denny Siewertsen, Eric Hayward, 121; John Turner, Jim Ross, Will Verrill, Nick Conner, 122; Ray Mailman, Jerry York, Bob Gray, Scott Guimond, 123; Norm Russell, Terry Landry, Steve Mitchell, Matt Peck, 124; Steve Wiley, Jim Reilly, Don Mendell, Bill Holmes; and Darrell Hebert, Paul Robinson, Steve Gallagher, Dave Croxford, 125.

SKINS: Friday: gross, Kevin Mahoney, Mike O’Brien, Rick Zemla, Shawn Warren; net, Ken Edgerly, Kevin Gillespie, Jim Reilly. Saturday: gross, all tied; net, Dan Atkinson, KC Geiger.

Pins: Friday: #4, Vic Gaudreau, 3’6″; #6, Erik Clark, 4’11”; #13, John Bauman, 3’4″; #15, Charlie McKee, 3’7″. Saturday: #4, Paul Robinson, 6’9″; #6, Ron McNaughton, 6’10”; #13, Dave Croxford, 3’10”; #15, Eric Higgins, 3’10”.

Oakdale CC

MEXICO – May 24 Men’s Night, point quota team: 1. Fred Kent, Mike Mickeriz, Elijah Arnold, Butch McKenna, +3; 2. tie, Dick Porter, Mark Burton, Chuck Welch, Jim McGilll; and Joe Arsenault, Gary Marston, Al Patterson, Pete McCluskey, +1. Closest to the pin: Andy Labrecque.

May 26 Men’s Night, Red Box 3-person teams: 1. Norm Charleston, Pete McCluskey, Rodney Daoust, 64; 2. George Virgin, John Gallant, Mike Mickeriz, 68; Greg Dawson, Carroll Noyes, Len Greaney, 69. Fewest putts: Elijah Arnold, George Virgin, 13.

May 27 Sweeps: front, Kurt Pitts, 31; back, Tim Chambers, 35.

May 28 Sweeps: front, Gary Williamson, 30; George Virgin, 31; back, Rodney Daoust, 30; Don Prevost, 31.

Notes: Golf lessons are being offered. Call 364-3951 for info. Flag Tournament is set for June 4. Course will not be closed. St. John’s St A’s Golf Tournament is scheduled for June 6. Course closed until 2 p.m.

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