WEST PARIS – West Paris Grange 298 met at Franklin Grange 124, Bryant Pond, on May 1 for the first in a series of two-point meetings, preceded by a potluck supper.

Officers for the evening were master, Fred Breame; overseer, Olive Risko; steward, Earl Andrews; assistant steward, Leland Doughty; lady assistant steward, Jackie Stevens; lecturer, Claire Gelinas; chaplain, Bertha DeHaas; secretary, Amy Andrews; treasurer, Nancy Dewing; Ceres, Mary Lovejoy; Pomona, Alice Nadeau; Flora, Pat Breame; Gatekeeper, Andy Dewing; pianist, Dot Canwell; Committee on Women’s Activities, Elsie Haynes, Betty Bragg and Anna Swan.

Following a meeting, Gelinas gave a special spring program on May baskets, May pole dancing and spring traditions, with music by Richard G. Felt, Dot Canwell and Yvonne Nowlin.

The next two-point meeting will be held at West Paris Grange on Thursday, June 16, preceded by a 6:30 supper. Franklin Grange members will fill the offices and will furnish the program.

State Grange will printing a cookbook and recipes need to be in State Grange headquarters before June 1.