LEWISTON – The art work of Sheila Patrick and Catherine Sabine will be featured during June at Central Maine Medical Center.

Sabine is a native of Maine and a member of the Aroostook Band of Micmac Indians of Presque Isle. She is a Sundancer at Big Cove First Nation, New Brunswick, Canada.

Sabine received her master’s degree from Pennsylvania State University. She has attended a few classes of local artist, but has never had the time to study under a particular artist. She is a self-taught artist who attributes her talents as a gift given to her by the Creator.

The Sundance is a traditional healing ceremony. The eagle is a messenger between the people and the Creator. The sacred drum represents the heartbeat of Mother Earth. The sacred pipe carries prayers for healing. The sage crown represents sacred medicine used for healing. The feathers on the pipe and crown represent each year the Sundancer completes a ceremony.

Patrick said while living in Wellesley, Mass., an adult education course lured her to oil painting. She joined the Society of Artists and the Arts and Crafts Guild there, studying painting and life drawing with Margaret Fernside and King Coffin.

Having been born in Newfoundland and visiting there, a lot of her paintings depict that country. After moving to Maine she has shown her art in hospitals, banks, fairgrounds and Poland Spring, winning ribbons.

Since retiring Patrick have taken water color classes with Barbara Hathaway through Auburn Adult Education. She is also venturing into acrylics.

Patrick said, “One of my pastimes is searching for old frames that complement my artwork. Loving nature, my art is mostly composed of skies, waters, landscapes and flowers, and everything therein.”

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