Dear Sun Spots: I purchased a very intelligent male Jack Russell. He’s a good dog but has a bad habit of urinating on the furniture. I didn’t know what else to do, so if I ever caught him in the act, I would throw him out the window. But now he urinates on the furniture and jumps out the window all by himself. I was just wondering if anyone has ever found a better solution to my problem? – R.H., Bethel.

Answer: Sun Spots hopes this window is not far off the ground and, hopefully, your dog knows not to jump out of every open window. She would recommend you check with your veterinarian to see what he or she recommends you should do in this particular situation, especially since their office will be more familiar with your animal’s temperament. They may refer you to a professional dog trainer or animal behaviorist.

Dear Sun Spots: I am writing to make a request for some of the soldiers who are based in Iraq. These are soldiers in the same unit as the young man from Maine who was killed May 6. They have requested DVDs. I will be collecting them, and each time I have between 16 and 18 I will mail them. The DVDs can be new or used. They must not be rated X or R, as those are not accepted in that country.

Also requested are chewing gum, no foil, and cat flea collars. The fleas there are bad at this time of year.

If you would like to donate any DVDs, you can please bring them to 234 Highland Terrace in Mexico. Sgt. Richard will be standing at the end of the driveway 24 hours a day, and you can place your donations in his sack or mail them. Please feel free to call 364-2562 if you have any questions.

Please remember all our soldiers, past and present. – Marjorie Richard, Mexico.

Answer: The story of the Richard’s family effort to collect DVDs using a mannequin of their sergeant son was featured in the Sun Journal on Memorial Day and is still accessible on our Web site,

Dear Sun Spots: The Lewiston High School class of 1966 needs your help!

Our invitations to our 40th class reunion on July 15 were mailed out May 4. We have heard from half-a-dozen classmates that we sent invitations to that they did not receive their invitations, despite our having the correct address. The post office did not deliver them or return them to the sender, for unknown reasons. We would like to inform all our classmates who did not receive an invitation to please contact Joannie Giasson Mahon at 784-0380, Anita Michaud Delekto at 782-8921 or Betty Robichaud Howe at 784-0505. – Anita, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: The AMVETS Ladies Auxiliary Post 6, Route 100, New Gloucester, will hold their annual flea market from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on July 22. Tables can be rented for $10 each. Please start cleaning out your cellars and attics and come join us. To reserve a table, please call Joyce Wotherspoon at 926-4693 or Joyce Hamilton at 926-4079. The cutoff date for reservations is July 18. We look forward to hearing from you. – Pat Kiley, New Gloucester.

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