Dear Sun Spots: I would like to get the attention of young amateur radio operators in the Lewiston/Auburn area. I have, for the asking, a little used 20-meter, low-power radio station, complete with mike and antenna tuner. I’d like to donate this to a club which has young people working to upgrade their license to operate and enjoy the fun with amateur radio. I can be reached at 657-6925 or via mail at 60 Yarmouth Road, Apt. 7, Gray, ME 04039. – Everett Doughty, Gray.

Dear Sun Spots: I would appreciate your help in trying to find a phone number for Larry King Live. I’d like to call into the program sometimes. Thank you. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Try contacting the show via According to the site, they prefer you e-mail your comments/feedback. If the show is interested in your live comments they’ll contact you.

Dear Sun Spots: I have a relative who is infested with bedbugs for the second time!

Would your Sun Spots readers know of a way to get rid of them without having to throw your furniture away. They are so disgusting. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. – T.T.C., Lewiston.

Answer: Sun Spots checked the University of Maine’s Cooperative Extension Web site at Extension is an excellent source of accessible education.

According to its Web site, the control of bedbugs can be difficult, especially in homes that have many cracks and crevices, loose wallpaper, etc. Examine bedding and beds before use. Usually three actions need to be considered for quick relief and control.

• A good vacuum cleaning job may remove particles from cracks and crevices to encourage greater insecticide penetration. Discard vacuum cleaner bag in a sealed plastic bag when finished.

• Use a space spray to penetrate an infested area. Close all outside doors, windows, etc., as tightly as possible. Inside, open or spread everything to allow fumes to penetrate. For example: open all inside doors, take mattresses off box springs, open dresser drawers and spread clothes or contents, remove or space items in clothes closets, take scatter rugs off the floor or carpeting, and remove cushions from couches or chairs. Be sure to remove pets and fish. After this has been done, one-time-release aerosol insecticide bombs can be used for fumigants. Follow the instructions on the cans exactly, make sure the cubic feet requirements are met. People must stay out of the area for at least four hours, or as the label directs.

• After space spraying, use a light application of an approved aerosol spray on mattresses, stuffed chairs, clothes, etc., to kill surviving bedbugs. Do not sleep directly on treated mattresses. Make sure the mattress has been dried, aired out and a sheet put on it before use.

• Apply residual insecticides to cracks and crevices. Surface treatments should be kept to a minimum if they are used at all; bedbugs are most likely to get lethal doses in cracks and crevices. Repeat the applications if you see signs of bugs again after two weeks.

If your efforts to control bedbugs fail, contact a pest control operator (exterminator.)

Dear Sun Spots: Is Bobby Vinton still in Branson working a living? – J. C., No Town.

Answer: According to, Vinton continues to perform. He will appear at the Branson Variety Theater, 2701 W Hwy 76, Branson, MO 65616 in November and December. For more information, call (417) 334-2500, Toll free, (888) 462-7267 or e-mail [email protected] .

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