MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Cameron Evans suits up in superhero garb as part of his job, but he may never have guessed that his alter ego, “Luke Pie-Rocker,” would save someone’s day.

Teresa Skarman was walking home Tuesday night when a purse snatcher grabbed her red leather bag. The 55-year-old grocery store bagger screamed for help and Evans – sporting orange tights, black boots and cape – chased the mugger. A delivery man for Galactic Pizza, Evans tailed the robber for blocks, until two bystanders helped corner the crook in an alley. They ended up letting him go in exchange for the purse.

Evans, 26, a student at Minneapolis Community and Technical College, said he wasn’t worried about his safety, hoping others would help.

Skarman said she admires Evans’ bravery. “I’m so thankful,” she said, clutching her red purse. “He’s my hero.”

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