Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for a wooden, two-seater glider for my husband at our campsite. He is ill and spends hours in the one at home. He loves it. If anyone has one that hasn’t been used and is in good condition that they no longer need, I’d be willing to pay a reasonable price. Please call me at 344-5871. Thanks again. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: The Oxford Grange will hold a yard sale to benefit our building fund on July 22. We are looking for donated items, such as crafts, Christmas items, cups, dishes, books, anything electrical that works. No clothes please. Contact me at 539-9067 or 890-1922 FMR. Thank you. – Diane Page, Oxford.

Dear Sun Spots: I have come across a 1981 Edward Little Oracle with a name in small print: Tony Cote. Please call me if you are interested in having it back. Thanks. I can be reached at 783-3659. – No Name, No Town.

Dear Sun Spots: How can I restore a cast-iron frying pan to use it again?

Also, where can I please send used cards, such as birthday, Christmas and other occasion cards?

Thirdly, where can I get a quilt repaired in the Jay/ Livermore Falls area? – No Name, No Town.

Answer: The following reseasoning tips were offered to readers in a previous column. Hopefully they’ll help you:

Clean the cookware while it is still hot by rinsing with hot water and scraping when necessary. Do not use a scouring pad or soap (detergent) as they will break down the pan’s seasoning. Depending on the condition of your pan, after the pans are dry give them a light coat of oil to keep away the rust and then place in the cupboard. Never put the utensil in the dishwasher or store it away without drying it thoroughly.

If your food gets a metallic taste, or turns “black,” it means one of two things are wrong. Either your pot has not been sufficiently seasoned, or you are leaving the food in the pot after it has been cooked.

Store your cast-iron cookware with the lids off, especially in humid weather because, if covered, moisture can build up and cause rust. Be sure that you place a couple of paper towels inside to capture any moisture that forms. If your old or new cast-iron pan gets light rust spots, scour the rusty areas with steel wool until all traces of rust are gone. Wash, dry and repeat seasoning process.

Regarding your second question, mail your cards to The SHAREcenter Program, P.O. Box 800, Auburn, ME 04212-0800. Another site for your greeting cards would be the Reuse room at Lake County Solid Waste Management District. Please mark it to the attention of Nichole Barksdale, 2405 Calumet Ave., Hammond, IN 46327. The cards are used to help teach kids about recyling. It is a free service to the public. You are welcome to e-mail them your questions at [email protected]

And regarding your final question, you might consider contacting:

Mystic Maine Quilts, 287 Water St., Gardiner, ME 04345, 582-0312,, [email protected] They are open 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., Saturday and from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sundays.

Dear Sun Spots: Last fall I wrote to Sun Spots, asking for advice on how to get rid of sumac bushes. Leo Richards of Leeds kindly responded by advising the use of salt crystals spread around the base of the plants before a rainy day. I followed his instructions and am happy to report there are no longer any sumac bushes on my property. Thank you, Sun Spots, and thank you, Mr. Richards. – Barbara Longway, Turner.

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