Following are results from the Area Golf Travel League (Livermore Falls, Jay, Wilton, Farmington) tourney held June 14 at Point Sebago: 1. C. Harris-R. Bryant; 2. D. Oakes-D. Beisaw; 3. T. White-R. Lagasse. Closest to the pin, B. Heikkinen-D. Heald; high plus winners, J. Chouinard, Sr.-R. Lagasse.


POLAND – Fairlawn Seniors, June 21: 1. Jim Graham, Norm Polley, Ray Parry, Dave Spencer; 2. Bob Sherburne, Reggie Rawls, Ray Parry, Vye Turmenne. Pins: #11, Reggie Rawls, 15’1.5″; Paul Spencer, 17’1″; #13, Marcel Mathieu, 15’10”; Jack McHardy, 20′; 50-50, MacHardy.

Play It Again Sports League, June 21 standings: Malia-Bureau, 140; Tardif-Sawyer, 131; Roy-Deblois, 129.5; Morneau-Lacasse, 129; Mercier-Letourneau, 127; Marchesseault-Lebrun, 124; Dumont-Lafontaine, 124; Labbe-Gendreau, 121.5; Lever-White, 119; Farrington-Breau, 115; Cote-Henry, 113; Houle-Jalbert, 110.5; Anctil-Therrien, 110; Giberti-Bourgault, 109.5; Langelier-Anctil, 101; Vincent-Olehowski, 91. Low gross, A, Don Mercier, 40; B, Tim Malia, 41; net, A, Ray Roy, 33; B, Malia, Pete Lacasse, 34; closest to the pin #9, second shot, Rick Cote, 12’3″.

SMWGA tourneys

BRUNSWICK – Following are results from the Southern Maine Women’s Golf Association Metropolitan Tournaments:

At Brunswick CC, June 21:

Gross: 1. Leslie Guenther, Kris Kannegieser, Debbie Marshall, Kate Merrill, 72; Kathy Keeley, Karen Thompson, Laurie Hyndman, Mary Brandes, 73; 3. Cyndi Newcombe, Martha Soule, Cindy Choate, Barbara Rondeau, 76; 4. Priscilla Sanborn, Laura Turney, Gerri Albert, Bernice Vadnais, 77; 5. Diana Gerrish, Kathy Comeau, Carol Stratos, June Gyger, 79; 6. tie, Kathy Drake, Vicki Koshliek, Holly Steele, Margaret Honan, 81; Stephanie Babin, Kate Boyle, Deb Diluiso, Cindy Wyatt, 81. Net: 1. Jan Hill, Louise Trask, Wendy Bean, Jennifer Schubert, 77-54; 2. Donna Spencer, Janet Stewart, Wendy Wood, Sherman Kendall, 85-57; 3. Kate Borduas, Jane Freedman, Heather Worroll, Nancy Thompson, 82-58; 4. tie, Janet Holmes, Cindy Andrews, Josephine Marr, Polly Noyes; Joan Dupont, Tina Virgin, Patty McNeice, Barbara Berman, 85-59; Margo Flanagan Stephanie Trainor, Susan McGinn, Elaine Smith, 87-59; Mary Palman, Peggy Neilson, Barbara Taylor, Donna Verrill, 87-59. Pat Whipple Club Team took the championship trophy with members Cathy Keeley, Karen Thompson, Laurie Hyndman, Mary Brandes, 73. Pins: #4, Paula Waterman, 23’1″; Louise Trask, 25’6″; #5, Barbara Rondeau, 4’7″; June Gyger, 5’7″; #11, Donna Spencer, 14’5″; Deb Towle, 16’9″; #15, Bernice Vadnais, 2’4″; Michelle Freni, 9’6″.

At Rockland, June 19:

Overall winners: Marie Cates, Dale Hannon, Julie Magoon, Sharon Preece, 71. Gross: 1. Helen Plourd, Ellen Mueller, Laura Young, Karen Spanglo, 73; 2. Carmen Evrard, Kristin Kannegieser, Cindy Choate, Barbara Rondeau, 76. Net: 1. Charlotte Hall, Marlene Viger, Kathy Williamson, Shirley Fifield, 56; 2. Rona Backstrom, Carole Sanders, Dot Veilleux, Shirley Remmers, 58. Pins: #5, Judy Micucci; #10, Lou Ann Dwyer; #18, Judy McCarthy.

June 20:

Gross: 1. Elaine Politis, Donna Applebee, Laurie Hyndman, Mary Brendes, 70; 2. Julie Magoon, Dale Hannon, Marie Cates, Sharon Preece, 71; 3. Leslie Guenther, Martha White, Pennie Cummings, Debbie Marshall, 73; 4. tie, Jeanne Dumont, Shirley Kile, Velma Brown, Dianna Dumont, 75; Stephanie Babin, Bernice Vadnais, Kate Boyle, Regina Bugbee, 75. Net: 1. Penny Bohac-Cardello, Janice Poulsen, Jane Howard, Gloria Attenweiler, 57; 2. tie, Janet Drouin, Doris Borkstrom, Sharon Nelson, M.J. Uecker, 58; Janet Anderson, Lil Wark, Ruth Richardson, Ruth Harper, 58; Patricia Carr, Lorraine Caron, Irene Asselin, Pauline Blais, 58; Susan Wootton, Brenda Berry, Kathryn Sprowl, Jeanne Fifield, 58. Pins: #5, Jane Diplock, Arlene Adams; #10, Velma Brown, Pennie Cummings; #18, Jane Howard, Maddie Kilmister.

The Meadows

LITCHFIELD – Tuesday Points League, June 20: A Flight: Tony Cyr, 11; Larry Baril, 8; Mike Gragen, 7. B Flight: Jim Daigle, 15; John Desmarais, 13; Richard Lefebvre, 8. C Flight: Gerry Lajoie, 11; Dan Pelletier, 10; Jacob Webb, 5. D Flight: Keith Martin, 18; Roger Laliberte, 11; Marc Berube, 10. Pins: #7, A-B, no winne;r C-D, Roger Laliberte, 5’10”; #3, Tony Cyr, 29’3″; raffle winner, Steve Morin.


LEEDS – Senior Points Quota League, June 21: Mark Kent, +6; Jack Decker, +5; Dick McCrossin, Tom Rudder, +4; Lou Lepage, +3.

Turner Highlands

TURNER – Senior League, June 21: 1. +5, E. McCosh-D Way; 2. +2, F. Anastasio-B. Chandler; 3. tie, +1, B. Bean-D. Johnson, C. Bryant-H. Greene. Closest to the pin #15, S. Timberlake, 28.5″; closest to the pin, second shot, #1, G. Dragonetti, 8′.

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