ANGIER, N.C. (AP) – This ice cream comes with an unusual stipulation – customers must sign a waiver before tasting it because it’s so hot.

Cold Sweat, a flavor sold at ice cream shop Sunni Sky’s, is made with three kinds of pepper and two kinds of hot sauce.

“It tastes like fire – with a side of fire,” said Scott McCallum, a regular customer who was eating the more sedate butter pecan flavor.

“I thought it was a cool idea, but I didn’t think he’d make it that hot,” McCallum said of proprietor Scott Wilson.

Wilson started out experimenting with jalapenos to appeal to Hispanic customers – which was unsuccessful – and worked his way up to Cold Sweat.

The waiver for the fiery mixture has dozens of signatures. Pregnant women and people with health problems are not supposed to eat it. Anyone younger than 18 needs the consent of a guardian.

Among the first to try Cold Sweat was Justin Smith, 22, an Angier woodworker. He went to the restroom and vomited after a spoonful.

He’s had about five samples since, and wants to go for the record of 14 ounces in a sitting.

“It’s got a good flavor,” Smith said. “As someone who really likes hot stuff and doesn’t mind being scorched, I can taste the difference, and it really does taste good.”

If he doesn’t get the record soon, he might not get a chance. Wilson isn’t sure he’ll make another batch after the current supply runs out.

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