LEWISTON – This week’s winners from Lewiston Recreation Department Summer Tennis:

Boys’ singles

12 and under

Quarterfinals, Shawn Ricker d. Stefan Vallee, 8-4; Bryan Hall d. Eddie Emerson, 8-0; Matt Bouchard d. Chase Poutre, 8-3; Mitchell Grimmer d. Tommy Hird, 8-5. Semifinals, Hall d. Ricker, 5-3, retired; Bouchard d. Grimmer, 9-8. Final, Hall d. Bouchard, 8-4. Players of the week, Brendan Moore, Ben Chicoine, Brian Wigant, Evan Gosselin, Matt Melanson.

14 and under

Quarterfinals. Spencer Ouellette, bye; Scott Gagne d. Eric Hall, 8-5; Elliot Chicoine d. Ben Wigant, 8-4; Jon McDonough d. Mike Bouchard, 8-0. Semifinals, Ouellette d. Gagne, 8-6; McDonough d. Chicoine, 8-4. Final, McDonough d. Ouellette, 6-4, 4-6, 6-2. Players of the week, Ben Wigant, Elliot Chicoine, Mike Bouchard, Eric Hall.

Girls’ singles

11 and under: Quarterfinals, Conner Stange d. Katherine Anthoine, 8-6; Morgan Bowen d. Janelle Tardif, 8-3; Natalie Olko d. Morgan Lessard, 8-2; Abby Bellefleur d. Casey Griffin, 8-0. Semifinals, Bowen d. Stange, 8-2; Olko d. Bellefleur, 8-0. Final, Bowen d. Olko, 8-0, Players of the week, Katy Albert, Lauren Lessard, Conner Stange, Morgan Lessard.

13 and under: Quarterfinals, Melissa Desmond d. Erica Thomas, 8-1; Cassandra Bowen d. Kenzi Masselli, 8-1; Morgan Gilbert d. Rebecca Lessard, 8-5; Jessica Bowen d. Sara Lacroix, 8-1. Semifinals, Desmond d. C. Bowen, 8-0; J. Bowen d. Gilbert 8-1. Final, Desmond d. Bowen, 9-7.

15 and under: Semifinals, Emilie Cloutier d. Laura St. Pierre, 9-8; Michelle Nadeau d. Sage Sylvia, 8-2. Final, Cloutier d. Nadeau, 8-2.

Players of the week for 13s and 15s, Kenzi Masselli, Rebecca Lessard, Sara Lacroix, Erica Thomas, Sage Sylvia, Laura St. Pierre.

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