AUBURN – The following building permits were issued in May:

Rob Labarbera, 110 Hampshire St., remove existing and frame new roof to third floor and frame over existing roof, $10,000.

Auburn Crossing Subway, 792 Kittyhawk Ave., construct interior metal stud partitions as proposed by plan, $1,000.

Auburn Crossing LLC/Subway, 792 Kittyhawk Ave., alter commercial space for sandwich shop as proposed, $88,000.

PDI Realty Inc., 353 Riverside Drive, construct foundation for addition, $100,000.

Webber Energy, 281 Washington St. South, convert two existing bathrooms to ADA compliance and add janitors’ closets, $20,000.

Crossroads Market, 791 Kittyhawk Ave., construct canopy structure over diesel pumps, $21,000.

Crossroad Market, 791 Kittyhawk Ave., construct canopy structure over gas pumps, $35, 000.

Tambrands, 2879 Hotel Road, move existing sewing machine room to new location same floor, $39,500.

Giffords Ice Cream, 910 Minot Ave., construct ice cream stand, foundation only, $30,000.

James Short, 18 Lucille St., construct attached deck, $1,800.

Bonnie Sollien, 44 Bennett Ave., construct deck $2,500.

Ron/Marilyn Binette, 12 Vine St., remodel kitchen and install floor support as proposed, $2,500.

James Bucci, 778 Washington St., demolition of shed, $3,000.

Gilbert Pinard, 425 Stevens Mills Road, covered deck only (for access to proposed second dwelling unit), $6,500.

Diane Bolduc, 289 Sunderland Drive, install above-ground pool, $1,800.

Robert St. Hilaire, 568 Old Danville Road, construct residential utility building, $15,000.

Daniel/Jeanne Lamonta, 111 East Bates St., construct utility shed, $2,000.

Peter Theberge, 172 Cook St., construct new single-family dwelling and attached garage, $100,000.

Debra Grondin, 137 Willard Road, replace existing water damaged kitchen cabinets, $5,000.

Dale Blake, 377 South Witham Road, construct attached garage, $15,000.

Frank Bennett Jr., 26 Stevens Mill Park Road, install metal shed as proposed, $500.

B & M Developers, 97 Hickory Drive, install foundation for single family home and garage as proposed, $20,000.

Fletcher Properties, 155 Bennett Ave., repair existing deck and add railing, $500.

Reggie Emery, 1334 Minot Ave., construct sun room addition, $9,500.

Bill Corliss, 1 Stevens Mill Park Road, construct deck, $2,000.

Warren Whyles, 21 Lake St., construct three decks, covered, $6,500.

Paul Champagne, 860 South Witham Road, construct foundation only for new single family home, $30,000.

Todd Morin, 25 Sprucewood, construct second story addition over garage and enclose existing breezeway, 430,000.

Derek Dube, 24 Fairway Drive, construct second story addition (kitchen over family room), $30,000.

Maine Source Home, 659 South Main St., construct new colonial single family home only (no decks/garage), $140,000.

Alex Libby, 151 Manley Road, alter existing steps to construct wheelchair ramp as proposed, $1,500.

Tina Maston, 703 Washington St., remove existing garage and construct two story addition, $35,000.

John Jalbert, 14 Dexter Ave., construct addition, $40,000.

James Arthur, 736 South Witham Road, construct deck, $700.

Susan Martin, 186 Davis Ave., construct deck, 43,000.

Mary Ann Emmert, 32 Caron Lane, remove and replace existing deck as proposed, $4,000.

Ramsey Tripp, 69 Field Ave., remove closet, build new closet, one half bath with washer/dryer, $1,000.

Debora Cusson, 53 Third St., install above-ground pool, $3,000.

Chip Barclay, 1553 Minot Ave., enlarging existing windows to original sizes, $5,000.

Eugene St. Pierre, 19 Bolster St., construct deck, $2,000.

Geoffrey Newson, 128 Kyle Lane, construct residential utility shed, $2,600.

Paul Leathers, 108 Seventh St., replace 19 windows, $3,000.

Scott Shapiro, 148 Chicoine Ave., construct 8-by-20 deck, construct two closets, replace kitchen cabinets, $7,000.

James Bucci, 778 Washington St. north, construct garage, $15,000.

John Bishop, 66 Northern Ave., move existing single family home from 199 Center St., $17,300.

Todd Harlow, 120 Blanchard Road, construct two story addition, attached one story garage, $50,000.

Scott Thayer, 93 Washington St., remove porches from structure as proposed, $1,000.

Dick Strong, 17 Josslyn St., construct additions to and add slab under existing garage, $14,000.

Charles Sherwood, 67 Louise St., construct 14-by-19 deck as proposed, $2,000.

Michael Martel, 1234 Pownal Road, construct detached residential garage, $13,000.

Gerald Lachapelle, 23 Vivian St., construct single story addition on 6-foot frost wall, $45,000.

Gary Biron, 26 Davis Ave., construct exterior entry steps, $250.

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