Dear Sun Spots: We enjoy your column and read it every day!

We are looking for hints on how to keep squirrels out of our bird feeders that are at the top of an 8-foot-high, 2-inch diameter, galvanized pipe. We can’t keep birdseed in the feeders as the squirrels climb the pole as soon as the feeders are filled. Any suggestions would be appreciated! Thanks! – The Kilkennys, Jay.

Answer: One cure for keeping squirrels off pole feeders is to place a baffle beneath your feeder. You can purchase these baffles, which somewhat resemble a plastic umbrella with a hole in the middle, at farm stores such as Agway or online. Another solution is to use a five-gallon water bottle, such as those in which Poland Spring delivers. You saw off the bottom of the bottle, then slide it onto the pole below the feeder. The squirrel climbs the pole, but finds himself inside the bottle, unable to go any further.

You might also like to check out for some tips, and be prepared for some laughs! Some readers have provided some funny alternatives to keeping those squirrels from their feeders.

Dear Sun Spots: I don’t know how to begin, but here goes. I moved to Maine from a South-East Asian island about six years ago and have been working for a financial institution the last five. The team leader, one night, said insinuatingly that “I must get away with a lot of things for being different.” I totally understood her implication. At that time, I was new to the country and didn’t want to believe what it could mean. For years it stayed in my mind. All these six years, Kelly (not her real name) has been very hostile to me and the last straw was just two weeks ago when she yelled at me in full view of the department for no apparent reasons but her own. Coming to work has been difficult not knowing what’s next on her agenda. Management thinks she’s indispensable and it’s pointless to even bring anything up. A good number of staff have left because of her. Another employee of Asian origin left a week ago after she was “hollered” at for absolutely nothing. I don’t want my new life to be ruined in your beautiful country by bringing it up to the HR. My life at work has been made difficult mainly by her hostility. Tell me what I should do? I don’t want this to blow into a major propaganda that could damage the good reputation of my employer. And please don’t ask me to move out after spending this long in the company. – No Name, No Town.

Answer: Sun Spots would like to remind readers, that questions posted on The Blog are not answered by the column. You need to submit your inquiries via e-mail, fax or U.S. Post by following the directions below. However, Sun Spots felt the need to respond to this letter.

Consider contacting the National Association for the Advancement of Colored Peoples Branch Office, 75 Washington Ave., 3rd floor, Portland, mailing address is NAACP Portland, P.O. Box 3631, Portland, ME 04104, 253-5074, or via e-mail at [email protected] to see if they have any tips for how you might deal with this. In addition, there might be someone at the company who has witnessed these episodes, is sympathetic and would be willing to hear your concerns.

Dear Sun Spots: I am looking for a 1957 Lewiston High School yearbook. If you have one in good condition and wish to sell it, please call Bill at 375-6676. – W.D.P., Sabattus.

Dear Sun Spots: I want to thank Sun Spots readers for their help in the past in supporting Turner Elementary School. Even though it is summer, we are still collecting Box Tops 4 Education to raise money for our school. If any readers have some they would like to donate, they can be mailed to me at Laurie Labbe 5 Brookfield Estates, Turner, ME 04282. – Laurie Labbe, Turner.

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