AUBURN – The following building permits were issued in June.

Crossroads Market, 791 Kittyhawk, interior finish of space – store with cooking facilities and seating, $65,000.

Tambrands, 2879 Hotel Road, 23-by-15-foot outside pad for air handling unit, $45,000.

Piercing Pagoda, 550 Center Str., Space K2, install free standing kiosk, $35,000.

PDI Reality, 353 Center St., construction of shop addition on foundation (Permit No. 130805), $450,000.

Charles K. Curry, 166 Center St., renovation of old service station office space for sale and serving of ice cream, $1,000.

Giffords Ice Cream, 910 Minot Ave., on foundation constructed permit No. 130827, $400,000.

Keller Williams Realty, 34 Center St., construct interior alterations as proposed, $50,000.

Riverwatch LLC, 14 Great Falls Plaza, construct six-story (30-room) addition to existing hotel, $2,100,000.

Shaws Realty Co./Bible Book Store, 600 Center St., alter existing commercial space as proposed, $2,500.

R & K Properties LLC, 87 Mill St., construct 484-square foot loading dock and refrigeration, $35,000.

Yves Lapointe, 264 Merrow Road, construct 50-by-160 warehouse office, $280,000.

Pol-Rod LLC, 499 Poland Road, construct 100-by-200 warehouse/office, $750,000.

James Dagneault, 659 South Main St., construct 8-by-12 deck, $700.

Terry Enno, 15 Center Court, construct accessibility ramp as proposed, $1,000.

Kenneth Gowell, 20 Yankee Way, demolition of 26-by-24 structure, $1,000.

Allison Hazelton, 66 West Bates St., pour a 19-by-20 concrete patio, $1,000.

Carmine Frumiento, 510 Maple Hill Road, construct 28-by-30 residential two-bay garage as proposed, $40,000.

Jeff Hebert (Fortin Construction Inc.), construct 28-by-36 colonial single-family home with attached two car garage and 6-by-22 front porch (no decks), $300,000.

Karen Gaetani, 521 Stevens Mills Road, construct 12-by-12 deck, $1,500.

Matthew Raymond Thiboult, 15 McKinnon St., construct foundation under existing single-family home and add two story with attached garage, $40,000.

John Pulas, 18 Charles St., demolish existing 13-by-30 residential garage, $1,000.

Cassi Brooks, 102 Lake St., demolition of 14-by-20-foot structure, $2,500.

Maurice G. Duclos, 361 North Auburn Road, construct 280-square-foot addition to connect single-family home to garage, $17,500.

E. Robert O’Connor, 564 Summer St., alter existing deck as proposed, $1,000.

Albert/Linda Moore, 242 South Main St., install 21-foot aboveground swimming pool, $5,000.

B & M Developers, 130 Hickory Drive, construct single-family home with residential garage as proposed, $225,000.

Richard/Pamela Le, 604 Minot Ave., construct 10-by-32 deck to structure as proposed, $3,200.

B & M Developers, 97 Hickory Drive, construct single-family dwelling and residential garage on existing foundation, $225,000.

Linda Sherwood, 315 Stevens Mill Road, construct 18-by-32 foundation for sun room, $7,000.

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