LEWISTON – George Hopkins beat Moe St. Laurent to capture the 2006 Apple Valley Cup at Apple Valley Golf Course. The final 18-hole match was a close one, being all-square after 17 holes. Hopkins sealed the victory with a par on the 18th hole.

Other Apple Valley news:

Slovak Catholic Association League, July 27 standings: Paul Eastman-Reggie Young, 19.5; Todd Bonn-Jim Lavallee, 19.5; Ralph Thompson-Bill Bonn, 16.5; Marty Roop-Scott Goodenow, 15.5; Bob Lally-Peter Gaworski, 15; Dave Caine-Stan Doughty, 14; Ron Budesheim-Bob Wilcox, 13; Jack Gamache-Red Lachance. Low scores: A, Todd Bonn, 37; Paul Eastman, 41; B, Ralph Thompson, 46; Jim Lavallee, 47. Net: Bill Bonn, 25; Todd Bonn, 26; Ralph Thompson, 27. Team low scores: Bonn-Lavallee, 84; Thompson-Bonn, 88; net, Thompson-Bonn, 52; Bonn-Lavallee, 56.

Fox Ridge

AUBURN – B.I.W. League, July 25 standings: Seven, 167.5; Three, 162; Two, 159; Ten, 155.5; Nine, 154.5; Five, 146.5; Eight, 144; One, 141.5; Six, 141; Four, 139. Low rounds: A, Jace Pearson, Tracy Cloutier, 37; B, Ray Vachon, Gerry Worthington, 43; C, Matt Carroll, 44; D, Marcel Brissette, 44. Pins: A-B, Jace Pearson, 13’2″; C-D, Dennis Livernois, 14’2″. Skins: Lee Laliberte, Dan Charron, Larry Thibeault, Charlie Turgeon; 50-50, Mike Brown. Low net: A, Larry Godin, 23; B, Bruce Barnes, 20; C, Larry Thibeault, 17; D, Marcel Brissette, 12.

Tuesday Night Ladies League, July 25: game of week, even holes, A Flight, Pat Griggs; B, Sue Basso; C, Cindy Gelinas, Priscille Raymond; D, Ellie Hunter; E, Lisa Ouellette, Kay Theberge. Top 3 teams: 1, Eleven, (Therrien-Gross); 2. Ten (Griggs-Nadeau); 3. Seven (Emmi-Bouley).


AUBURN – Saturday’s Best 2 of 4: gross, +1, Ernie Ashton, Paul Pelletier, John Turner, John O’Malley; net, -14, Phil Nadeau, Jim Bennett, Paul LeClair (draw), Scott Lever. Individual: gross, 0-9, Paul Pelletier, 73; 10-17, John O’Malley, 78; 18+, Larry Baldiga, 83. Net: Ron Blanchette, 72; Paul LeClair, 72; Dan Cailler, 74. Pins: #4, Peter Ashton, 7’11”; #9, John Masters, 5’3″; #11, Rick Miles, 2’1″; #17, Mark Rock, 3’11”. Skins: gross, Jeff Gosselin, Ron Blanchette, Peter Ashton, Tim Jordan, Bob Blanchette; net, 0-15, Dave Norcross, Neila Nelke, Ron Morin, Brian LeBlanc; 16+, Pat Kordalski, Jim Bennett, Ray Martel, Sylvia LeBlanc (2), Julie Orne.

Sunday’s Blind Draw Points: 1. Mark Rock-Nina Bartlett, +11; 2. Ron Blanchette-Debbie Leighton, +3. Individual: Mark Rock, +10; Dave Collins, +4.


MEXICO – July 22 Sweeps: front, 1. George Virgin, 30; 2. Don Hopkins, 32; back, 1. Jack Dorr, 27; 2. Dave Fergolq, 34.

July 23 sweeps: front, 1. Don Prevost, 31; back, tie, Don Prevost, Tim Chambers, Ray Bedard.

July 26 Men’s Night, 2 best balls of 3: 1. tie, Marshall Todd, Chuck Welch, Greg Buccina; Don Johnson, Rodney Daoust, Mike Mickeriz, 60; 3. tie, Greg (Guido) Dawson, Joe Balducci, Frank Diconzo; Ray Bedard, Pete McCluskey, Erik Mickeriz. Long putt: Frank Diconzo.

July 27 Ladies Night, point quota: 1. Gloria Breton, +2.5; 2. tie, Adrianne Gallant, Jane Mickeriz, +2.

July 29 Sweeps: front, 1. tie, Pat Roy, Jim Landry, 31; 3. tie, Tim Chambers, Ray Bedard, Rodney Daoust, 33; back, 1. Rick Labrecque, 32; 2. Pat Roy, 33; 3. Jeff Mayo, 34.

Pepsi Oakdale Open: Men: gross, Joey Arsenault, 73; Ron Greco, 78; Don Johnson, 79; Marshall Todd, 80; Norm Charleston, 81. Net: Jeff Mayo, 63; Mark Burton, 65; Pat Roy, 66; Tom Rowe, 68; Randy Derouche, 68. Pins: Butch McKenna, Diane Johnson.

MSGA tourney

AUBURN – Following are results from the Maine State Golf Association weekly tourney held July 28-29 at Prospect Hill:

CLASS A: Gross: John Bauman, 70; Jerry Glidden, Mike Norris. Jace Pearson, 71; Chris King, 72. Net: Tim Moody, 71-65; David Labbe, 76-68; Rocky Myers, 72-68; Bob Driscoll, 77-69; Mike Williams, 75-69.

CLASS B: Gross: Dave Demers, 78; Dave Bilodeau, Peter Morgan, 80; Charles Swanson, 81; Don Finley, 82 (MC). Net: Jim Delamater, 82-67; Ray Roux, 81-69; Roger Fournell, 83-70; Bill Freedman, 85-70; Jack Milo, 82-70 (MC).

CLASS C: Gross: Dick Gammon, Roy Leighton, 81; Kevin Bell, 84; Wayne Lauzier, 87; Vic Gaudreau, 87 (MC). Net: Craig Pride, 87-65; Greg Waite, 90-67; Jim Chabot, 85-69; Dave Marston, 88-70; Tyler Trenholme, 91-70.

SUPER SENIORS: Gross: Jim Veno, 73; Paul Renaud, 76; Ralph Noel, 77. Net: Pat Leavitt, 78-70; Mike Napolitano, Sr., 82-71; Terry Beane, 80-71.

4-BALL: Gross: Shawn Warren, Justin Ball, Rocky Myers, Erik Clark, 60; Brad Robinson, Jerry Glidden, Rusty Johnstone, Ray Hawley, 64; Tom Hughes, Paul Robinson, Peter Morgan, Pat Leavitt, 66. Net: Jon Ray, Dave Marston, Rick McCann, Aaron Hodsdon, 55; Cash Wiseman, John Bauman, Dave Chapman, Mike Williams, 55; Greg McCormack, John Driscoll, Ira McLain, Darrell Smith, 57; Sean Farnsworth, Ray Mountain, Jim Chabot, Galen Chapman, 58; Mike Norris, Roy Leighton, Greg Black, Mike Dimonaco, 58 (MC).

SKINS: Friday: Gross, Terry Landry, Paul Connolly; net, Tyler Trenholme, Eric Wales. Saturday: net, Don Wilson, Jeff Beach.

PINS: Friday: Al Zimmerman, #3, 6′; Jim Chabot, #5, 10’6″; Don Finley, #15, 2′.


POLAND – Fairlawn Ladies League, July 27: game of week, team putts, 1. tie, Team 1, Germaine Martel, Alex Bouchles, Irene Mathieu, Carol Griggs; Team 2, Mickey Bolduc, Lina Verville, Betty Johnson. Low gross: A, Alex Bouchles; B, Jeanne Hutchinson; C, Caroll Griggs; D, Lu Dube. Closest to the pin, Alex Bouchles; 50-50, Carol Griggs.

Andy Valley CC

GORHAM, N.H. – Don Lafferty Tournament: gross, 1. Gary Roy, Denise Roy, Rich Jolin, George Lemieux, 57; 2. Al Tardif, Marc Tremblay, Mike Cloutier, Peter Morency, 62; 3. Chris Pike, Ryan Lafferty, Ron Lafferty, Bob Spencer, 62. Skins: Cal Bisson, Casey Mitchell, Keith Miles, Mike Fodor. Pins: #3, Harold Eichel, 6’6.5″; #13, Kris Sjostrom, 17.5″. Long drive #1, Derek Chartier; long drive #16 with Don’s driver, Brian Perrault.


LEEDS – Sunday’s 2-Ball Blind Draw: gross, Jeff Mertzel-Rory Beaulieu, 71; Brad Pattershall-Tim Tiner, 72; net, John Pleau-Joe Mertzel, 62 (MC); Ray Roy-Scott Eldridge, 62. Skins: gross, Dan Parent, Bud Pattershall, Trent Murphy, Rory Beaule, Ron Leeman, Ray Roy; net, Dan Parent, Trent Murphy, John Pleau, Ray Roy.

Men’s Senior Club Championship: Back tees: gross, Rick Newbauer, 72; Sid Cohen, 75; Fred Warner, 77; net, Gerry Laroche, 67; Rick Shea, 68; Mike Wing, 70. Long drive: Rick Newbauer. Blue tees: gross, Tom Cieslinski, 77; Joe Curato, 82; net, Lester Wood, 65 (MC); Dick McCrossin, 65. Long drive: Dick McCrossin. Pins: #2, Bob Cochran, #2, 17’6″; Sid Cohen, #8, 4’6″; #13, Cochran, 30′; Cieslinski, 9’2″. Skins: gross, Sid Cohen (2), Carl Pratt, Bob Cochran; net, Carl Pratt, Dave St. Andre, Bob McAtee, George Ames.

Mixed 2-Player Scramble: gross, Steve Dyer-Becky Lalibertet, 34; Jim-Mary Jo Hodgkin, 38; net, Scott-Shelley Foster, 34.3; Ron Leeman-Abby Marshall, 35.7. Pins: #2, Debbie Marshall, 8’3″; #8, Ron Leeman, 40′.

Paris Hill

PARIS – Harold Foster shot his second hole-in-one this year on the same hole at Paris Hill Country Club. He aced the #6 hole, 130-yards, using an 8-iron.

Ladies President Cup: 1. Bobbi Bickford; 2. Lee Barth.

Husband-Wife Championship: gross, 1. Jon-Barb Deschenes, 69 (tie-breaker); 2. Bill-Jan Curtis, 69; net, 1. Roger-Claire Akers, 53; 2. Gus-Jean Murray, 54.

Sunday Scramble: 1. Al Litchfield, Jr., Al Litchfield, Sr., Bryan Litchfield, Bobbi Bickford, 28; 2. Steve Place, Mike Steeves, Ray Richards, Bill Heald, Jay Steeves, 30.

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