Fred O. Stone, who formerly drove the Auburn-Turner stage has placed a large new motor launch in Lake Auburn waters and now makes regular trips across the lake from East Auburn to North and West Auburn. When not occupied in making these regular trips, Capt. Stone takes pleasure parties to any point they wish to go on the lake.

The last bit of ice in Portland for foreign shipment was loaded on the barge Liberty, which took 2280 tons. The ice was on the American Ice company’s house at Pleasantdale, and at the beginning of the season the building contained 6200 tons.

50 Years Ago, 1956

That was July? Rainy weekends, 18 cloudy days and the coldest average temperature in more than 35 years kept the Twin City residents puzzled when they glanced at the calendar and expected heat waves. The mercury climbed into the eighties on only 10 days and the highest temperature was 88 on July 1. On six days the mercury didn’t even reach the 70-degree mark. The coldest temperature was 51 degrees recorded three times during the month.

25 Years Ago, 1981

Suddenly the fans were on the minds of players and management as they settled the 50-day-old baseball strike and began to look ahead to resuming the season in just over a week. “I’m giving away the rest of my tickets to any fan that wants them,” said Lenny Rankle, a utility infield for the Seattle Mariners. “I think we owe them. I think we all owe them an apology.”Calling the strike “a nightmare,” Commissioner Bower Hun said: “Nobody expects the fans to be very happy about the last two months.” “Sanity has returned to baseball,” said Eddy Einhorn, Chicago White Sox co-owner, who also hoped “…the fans come back and are as enthusiastic as they were before the strike.”

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