This is in response to Robert Clark’s letter Aug. 6.

Welfare assistance (MaineCare, food stamps, etc.) is easy to get if you know how to play the system.

How is it that a married couple who both have full-time jobs and are offered medical insurance through at least one of their employers can qualify for MaineCare? Children from previous marriages/relationships should have to go on their parent’s insurance and the insurance should be purchased by one or the other parent.

These people should not qualify for MaineCare, but they do.

Then, the welfare assistance is not there for people who really need it.

I would like to know what the guidelines are for qualifying for MaineCare, because if a person can afford to own a home and drive around in a nice vehicle, he or she can also afford to pay for health insurance.

Those who are cheating the welfare system must stop. That would leave the assistance for people who really need it.

Karen Bennett, Buckfield

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