CANTON, Conn. (AP) – An emu that took flight – not easy for a bird that can’t fly – was captured in Canton on Thursday, six weeks after it fled a West Simsbury farm with a companion that is still on the loose.

The native Australian emu, known as Louise, was busted by a dog. Patrick Sullivan, 11, heard his dog barking, went outside his Canton home and saw what he called a “huge bird.”

“I came running in to tell my mom and everyone else,” Patrick said. “They were shocked to see this bird standing out in our yard.”

His brothers corralled the bird by leading it to a shed. The emu ran into a nearby woods, but the captors bribed it with wheat bread and it soon entered an area cordoned off by rope.

Nevin Christensen, a worker at Flamig Farm where the emu lived, arrived with four helpers. He grabbed the bird and the others used rope to secure its legs, which are known for their strong kick.

Louise was returned by truck to the farm where she “seemed sort of resigned,” Christensen said.

The bird appears to be fine, he said.

One emu remains on the lam. An emu has been spotted not far from where Louise was picked up, but it’s unclear if that bird was Louise or her missing compatriot.

“The saga continues,” Christensen said.

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