I grew up in Maine and saw a report about the mysterious Turner beast in the Nashua Telegraph, so I had to go read what the Sun Journal reported.

I have been telling my children about that animal ever since they can remember. Of course, they always thought I was kidding. It has always intrigued them and we talk about the “Spruce Organ” a lot.

I learned about the Spruce Organ my junior year at Kents Hill School. I have described that animal to my children, and when we saw your report, neither they, nor I, believed what we were looking at in the paper.

My oldest son is 23 and he gave me a “high-five” when he was reading it.

I would share camping stories about the Spruce Organ with my four children on camping trips and numerous other occasions. I always told them that thing was real and to keep their eyes and ears open when in the woods.

They’d ask if I had ever seen one, and I always said, “You never want to see one of these. Once you do, it’s too late.”

Thank you for running that article and proving to my children that I wasn’t kidding when I told them it was real. Pictures and all, just like I described it to them.

We live in New Hampshire now, but the rule still goes: When you go in the woods, watch out for Spruce Organs. They laugh, but they look out.

Now they really will look out.

Daniel LaDouceur, Nashua, N.H.

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