SOUTH PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded recently in Oxford County.

Gordon R. and Beverly B. Brown to Maine Escape Properties and Homes LLC, in Woodstock.

Peter P. Zadakis to Thomas C. Hoff, in Rumford.

Dayl F. Kaulback to David A. Goldthwaite, in Dixfield.

Pine Shores Homeowners Association to Town of Hartford, in Hartford.

W. and S. Wood Products Inc. to Deborah Hall, in Waterford.

Stephen R. and Sharon M. Picard to Robert Theodore and Anna Picard, in Woodstock.

Charles S. and Charles Stanwood Melville to Robert A. and Amy W. Chapman, in Greenwood.

John R. and Lester A. Jr. and Lewis W. and Lloyd A. Williams to John R. and Lester A. Jr. and Lewis W. and Lloyd A. Williams and Williams Family Camp Irrevocable Trust, in Waterford.

River View Timeshare Trust to Jeffrey H. and Edwina Russell Ballou, in Bethel.

Just Right Homes Inc. to Melissa Libby, in Otisfield.

Robert A. and Myong Suk and Myonk Suk Marcoux to Russell N. MacDonald Jr. and Heather M. McKenna, in Rumford.

Dorothy M. and Jack M. Sisson to Scot and Regina A. Whitney, in West Paris.

Allen S. and Diane H. Barnes to Terry W. Lord, in Bethel.

H. Alfred Wiles to Laurie A. and Laurie Ann Porter, in Norway.

Norman Jack Jr. to Trisha S. and Jason E. Merrill, in Buckfield.

Norman Jr. and June M. Jack to Joshua M. and Rebecca J. Jack, in Buckfield.

Troy and Tylene Scott and Tylene Dewar to Derrek W. and Sarah M. Savage, in Peru.

Bentley C. and Gertrude B. Crosby to John C. Paul and Tasha D. Hebert, in Dixfield.

Julie C. Dodge and Julie C. Park to Robert M. and Danielle M. Padgett, in Greenwood.

Jeffrey A. and Angela Cox to Tara J. and Joshua P. Davis, in Oxford.

Stacie Lowe Everett to Christopher J. and Jennifer M. Dooley, in Buckfield.

D. Bruce Verrill and Verrill Group Inc. Pension Trust to Derralyn K. Rennix and Bradley J. LaRoche, in Otisfield.

Mark C. and Jo Anne Evans to Matthew W. and Lori P. Jayne, in Newry.

Sarah D. and Jason Berry to Charles B. III and Kathy J. Mason, in Greenwood.

Dennis I. and Diane P. McAlister to Douglas and Maryann Arthur, in Buckfield.

Cooper Packing Inc. to Ray Everett and Tina Marie Cotton, in Hartford.

Conrad L. Pike to Conrad L. and Pamela Pike, in Waterford.

Barbara Bennett to Elizabeth Lawson and Barbara Stanco and Nancy Bevans, in Buckfield.

Barbara Bennett to Gary P. Bennett, in Buckfield.

Janice Morrill to Edith Rachel Cherkis, in Albany Township.

Lynn Thomas and Evelyn J. and Lynn T. Averill to Seth G. Averill, in Dixfield.

Wells Fargo Bank N.A. to Clifton R. Gray, in Buckfield.

Kenneth and Anne Cassidy to David and Eileen Dwortz, in Greenwood.

Mary Arita Zitoli to Michael C. Mattingly, in Rumford.

Patricia A. Touchette and Patricia A. O’Brien to Benjamin T. Maxim and Megan K. Peters, in Buckfield.

Theresa Kimball to Theresa Kimball and Phyllis A. Holt, in Hartford.

Dufault Lumber Co. to Gary H. and Julia A. Williamson, in Woodstock.

Richard R. Sr. and Fonza Giberson to Danielle Sousa and Ty Giberson, in Roxbury.

Barbara J. and Nicholas J. Santora to Robert G. and Diana J. Curtis, in Waterford.

Diantha and Woofit and Woof Turner to Thomas Lines and Marysia Francesca Messer, in Albany Township.

Lloyd L. Poland to Robert A. and Douglas A. Nichols and Daniel I. Jenkins, in Rumford.

Rena M. Johnston to Rena M. Johnston, in Sumner.

NTL Institute for Applied Behavioral Science and Savage Land Development LLC to Savage Land Development LLC, in Bethel.

Cynthia P. Tucker to Bruce A. and Elizabeth C. Hayden, in Buckfield.

Robert A. McDougal and Andrew T. Wickson to Robert A. McDougal and Robert A. McDougal Living Trust, in Paris.

Community Concepts Inc. to Philip S. and Donna Klingman, in Hebron.

Harvey L. Clark to Troy R. and Shelly A. Lord, in Rumford.

Pamela Weeks to Shawn K. McCole, in West Paris.

Lena E. Howe to John Yates, place not listed.

Lena E. Howe to Kathleen Prech and Billie Joe Sweetser, in Norway.

Howard P. Lowell to Philip L. and Dorothy A. Savage, in Buckfield.

Marilyn A. Estrada and Marilyn A. Wheeler to John A. Wheeler, in Bethel.

Daniel M. and Jeannette A. Pinoski to Greg E. and Kerrie L. Forget, in Buckfield.

Cindy M. Rogers to Gerald S. Rogers, in Oxford/Paris.

Brenda Le Thomas to Sandra L. and Robert L. Thomas and Jaymeele Thomas Trust, in Norway.

Alan C. McNeil to Bert E. II and Maryann Hawkins, in Hartford.

Alan C. McNeil to Megel and Wendy S. McKellar, in Hartford.

Alan C. McNeil to Mark A. Theriault Sr., in Hartford.

Paula E. Harrington to Deanne N. Miles, in Norway/Waterford.

Harold E. and Patricia S. Gill to John B. and Steven L. Wolf, in Norway.

Julie M. McDonald to Christine Rendel, in Otisfield.

Richard W. and Florence A. Fogg to Smith Brook LLC, in Otisfield.

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