Recently I wrote a letter to the president. I am concerned because his administration is spreading fear instead of reassurance. Fear is what terrorists want to create, and the administration is helping them. Terrorism is the administration’s excuse for all the mistakes it has committed against humanity.

Fear makes our country weak; fearlessness makes us strong, like our ancestors.

Have officials forgotten all the people who have died since the American Revolution; men who valued the Constitution and justice for all? This administration is shredding the Constitution, and destroying the nation’s standing in the world, which other presidents worked years to create. Fear tactics are used, just like terrorists, to deceive the American people.

Apparently, fear is the weapon of choice against the American people.

Our society is slowly becoming a military state, taking away the rights of the people. We have a mock democracy while the administration forces democracy on the rest of the world. The global community looks at us as the bully or the big bad wolf. If one spreads encouragement, patriotism and the fearlessness of our great ancestors, our country would become strong and united again.

Our leaders act more like spoiled brats, when they are supposed to be our public servants.

The president needs to change his strategy – the current one isn’t working. He must stop helping the terrorists and destroying what America used to stand for.

Deanne Danforth, Turner

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