When choosing candidates for the Legislature, there’s a time to change and a time to stay the course. Take Nancy Smith, who is running for re-election in House District 80 (Litchfield, Monmouth and Wales).

Wife, mom, forester, farmer, small business owner – here’s someone who knows how to get things done and isn’t afraid of hard work. That goes for her work in the Legislature, where she consistently uses common sense and independent judgment, standing up to her own party when necessary.

With two terms under her belt, she’s a formidable advocate for us.

Same goes for Earle McCormick, running for State Senate District 21. He’s a level-headed leader and voice for moderation. It’s no surprise that Smith and McCormick have worked well together and I see no reason to break up such a great team now.

It matters who represents us in Augusta and experience counts.

Teague Morris, Litchfield

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