I am now convinced that the current Red Sox regime has created its own curse: the trade of Bronson Arroyo.

Sox fans loved the charismatic and easygoing part-hip hop, part-hippie hurler. After being released by the Pirates in 1993, G.M. Theo Epstein tried one of many moves to break the Babe’s curse by signing the unknown right-hander to a minor league contract.

Bronson’s ability to work as a starter as well as reliever was invaluable to the team. He developed under pitching coach Dave Wallace and signed a “hometown-discounted” contract before the 2006 season. However, it was apparent that Bronson’s music career clashed with the ideologically arrogant G.M.

I think Sox fans enjoyed and miss Arroyo’s musical exploits. Despite that sentiment, the Sox traded the popular pitcher for a relatively unknown outfielder at the end of spring training.

To me, trading a pitcher for a hitter was a major regression to the ball club’s pre-1993 mentality of management. “Swing and miss Willie” Mo Pena can’t pitch, much less play right field in Fenway, and he’s injury-prone. Maybe Theo could call the Reds, admit his mistake, and offer Willy Mo back for Bronson. How ’bout throwing in Matt Clement to sweeten the offer.

Goodbye Bronson, Trot et. al. After winning it all just two years ago, it’s back to beer and hot dogs at the Fens. I want to tell you a story … down by the River Charles, well I love that dirty water … Oh, Bronson, come back home.

Todd Gaudette, Lewiston

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