timidly, maze, petrified, trance, withered, sentenced, design, complicated

Literal meaning

Who is Ariadne? Who is her father?

What is a labyrinth?

What is the Minotaur? Who is its father?

What does Ariadne use to guide her through the labyrinth?

Who accompanies Ariadne inside the labyrinth?

Reading comprehension

Why isn’t Ariadne afraid to go into the labyrinth?

Why does Ariadne place flowers in the Labyrinth?

Why doesn’t Ariadne have the same helper each day?

In what way is the Minotaur reliant on Ariadne?

What crime might the prisoner be guilty of committing?

In your own words…

Ariadne enters the labyrinth each day, yet is only able to find her way with the help of the magic thread. Have you ever been lost and fearful that you would not find your way? How did you eventually find your way? with the help of a friend? a map?

Newspaper activity

The terrified prisoner was sentenced to two days in the Labyrinth helping Princess Ariadne tend the Minotaur. it appears that he felt the sentence was severe. Analyze several news stories and record the crime and subsequent penalty or punishment. Compare and discuss the difference between punishment and crime. Who establishes the punishment for crime?

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