AUBURN – The following building permits were issued in August.

Maine Source, 33 Clubhouse Lane, construct 28-by-40 and 12-by-12-foot condo at Martindale Estates, $180,000.

Mike Bosserman and Jocelyne Deraspe, 275 Summer St., construct new 30-by-50-foot modular duplex (no decks), $120,000.

Mike Bosserman and Jocelyne Deraspe, 283 Summer St., construct new 30-by-50-foot modular duplex (no decks), $120,000.

David Leighton, 54 Amherst St., install 16-by-36-foot in ground swimming pool, $20,000.

Fortin Construction Inc., 43 Charter Way, construct new 28-by-36-foot colonial (no decks), price not available.

Fortin Construction Inc., 75 Charter Way, construct 24-by-34-foot colonial single- family home (no decks), price not available.

Steve Martelli, 17 Webster St., construct unattached deck as proposed, $2,000.

B & M Developers Inc., 188 Hickory Drive, construct new single-family home, foundation only, $20,000.

James and Kathy Petersen, 5 Patton St., replace rear fire escape, $10,000.

Michael Moody, 7 Cherry Vale Circle, 8-by-16 foot expansion for kitchen, $7,500.

Glen Brushwein, 400 Old Danville Road, construct connector and two-story attached garage, $15,000.

Doris Ducharme, 37 Academy St., repair third-floor porch, $2,600.

Joseph Langlois, 63 Horizon Drive, construct 10-by-12-foot deck, $1,000.

Mark Hodson, 281 Old Danville Road, construct three-season porch and deck, $15,000.

Paula Audet, 18 Granite St., construct 10-foot long shed dormer, $3,500.

Joe Delong, 93 Paul St., construct breezeway and attached garage, $74,000.

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