TURNER – Steve J. Morin scored a hole-in-one while competing in the Men’s 2-Ball, Best-Ball event Sept. 23 at Turner Highlands. He aced the #15 hole, 125-yards, using a 9-iron. Witnesses were Paul Moore, Russ Lalemand and Reggie Gammon.

Best-Ball results: 1. playoff, Ryan Marston-Randy Chicoine, -11; 2. Hap Green-Calvin Rose, -11; 3. Derek Cutter-Frank Reynolds, -10; 4. tie, Steve Morin-Larry Angello, Steve Mosher-Doug Townsend, -8; 6. tie, Steve Botka-Bob Spencer, Manly Dakin-Lenny Fitzherbert, Russ Lalemand-Reggie Gammon, -7.

Wilson Lake

WILTON – The 75th Anniversary Scramble is set for Oct. 1 with a 9 a.m. shotgun start. Players must be registered by 12 noon on Wednesday, Sept. 27 (course will be closed until 1:30 p.m.).

Sept. 22 2-Man Blind Draw Points: 1. +9, Randy Oliver-Dan DiPompo; 2. +1, Jim Bouffard-Matt LeClair. Pins: #2, Matt LeClair, 14′; #7, Jim Alelxander, 10’11”; #11, Dan DiPompo, 4’1″; #16, Jim Kidder, 4′.

Sept. 21 Pins: #2, Mike Tibbetts, 28’1″; #7, Jim Alexander, 10’1″; #16, Dave Henry, 13’10”.

Upcoming events: Hight Fall Classic, Oct. 8; Maintenance Scramble, Oct. 22.


POLAND – Ladies League, Sept. 21, game of week “low net”: A Flight, Mickey Bolduc; B Flight, Germaine Martel; C Flight, Carol Griggs; D Flight, Rita Cloutier. Low gross: A, Alex Bouchles; B, Jeanne Levesque; C, Dot Hopkins; D, Carol McFadden. Closest to the pin #8, Maxine Folsom; #11, Jeanne Levesque; 50-50, Dee Schaefer.


LEEDS – Tuesday Twilight League, Super Sunday, Sept. 24: 1. #7, +19, Rory Beaule, Fred Warner, Mike Starn, George Ames; 2. #10, +8, Mike Wing, Steve Dyer, Scott Foster, Greg Paul, Scott Eldridge; 3. #2, +7, Rick Newbauer, Sid Cohen, Gary Bourisk, Warren Burnham, Lonney Steeves. Long drive, Brandon Marcotte; closest to the pin #2, Rick Shea, 10’1″; #8, Mike Starn, 14″; #13, Roger Poulin, 1’7″; #15, Fred Warner, 15’5″.

Maine Seniors

PORTLAND – Following are results from the Maine Seniors Golf Association tourney held at Riverside:

Overall Low Gross: Gordon Curry, 73. Class AAA (80+): Gross: George Ellis, 85; Glen Hansen, 89. Net: Joe Wilson, 66; Wendell Johnson, 68; Walter Towle, 71. Class AA (75-79): Gross: Joe Doucette, 78; Fred Gagnon, 79. Net: Hank Hancock, 67; Bud DeAngelis, Jim Saunders, 68. Class A (70-74): Gross: Larry Fitzgerald, Dick Sheldon, 79. Net: Dick Calcagni, Stuart Cohen, 66; Dave Collins, Ken Black, 68. Class B (65-69): Gross: John Haynes, 77; Bob Turner, Terry Brooks, 79. Net: Dave Horne, Tom Low, 65; Jack Sullivan, 67. Class C (55-64): Gross: Chip Morrison, 75; Butch Reilly, Paul Pelletier, 76. Net: Paul Connolly, 66; Charlie Shuman, 68; Kevin Baack, Bart Frame, 69. 4-Ball: Gross: Al Noyes, Joe Doucette, Leon Buck, Butch Reilly, 69; Joe Norton, Bob Turner, Paul Bolduc, Paul Pelletier, 69. Net: Terry Brooks, Larry Fitzgerald, Kevin Baack, Dick Calcagni, 57; Jack Sullivan, John Libby, Randy Deming, Clinton Mason, 57.

MSGA starters

BOOTHBAY – Following are starting times for the Maine State Golf Association re-scheduled Club Team Championship to be held October 1 at Boothbay CC:

7 a.m., Augusta: Thomas Bean, Mark Plummer, Jason Gall, James Quinn; 7:10, Falmouth: Gary Manoogian, George Hogan, Dale Bragg, Dale McNamara; 7:30, Val Halla: Jim McKay, Len Hachborn, Ron Murray, Ed Manganello; 7:40, Brunswick: Doug Self, Gary Laliberte, Ray Bisson, Scott Barnicle; 7:50, Northport: Randy Berry, Jamie Place, Mike Knox, Kevin Nickerson.

8:00, Piscataquis: Carl Brackett, Bryan Kimball, Brian Gaw, Rick Hall; 8:10, Hermon Meadow: Mike Norris, Roy Leighton, Greg Black, Mike Dimonaco; 8:20, Willowdale: Chris King, Marc Siewertsen, Tobey Buteau, Denny Siewertsen; 8:30, Boothbay: Lowell Watson, Frank Brower, Charlie Herrick; 9:40, Falmouth: Andy Bowden, Jeff Raymond, John Hammontree, James Elowitch; 8:50, Falmouth: James Wescott, Charles Tartre, Stephen Jensen, Ron Stephan.

9:00, Purpoodock: Bob Cloutier, Tom Cloutier, Jr., Mike Cloutier, John Cloutier; 9:10, Bangor Muni: Jesse Speirs, Tom Caron, Alan Anderson, Dana Worster; 9:20, Webhannet: John Bauman, Todd Kirn, Jeff Troiano, Tim Mariano; 9:30, Kebo Valley: Phil Norton, Ron Tibbetts, Gordon Goodwin, Henry Tibbetts; 9:40, Nonesuch River: Dick McPhail, Bourke O’Brien, Brandon Wohl, Don Philbrick; 9:50, Wilson Lake: Ron Greco, Richard Fernald, John Johnson, David Nemi.

10:00, Sanford: Paul Lamontagne, Roland R. Cote, Paul J. Nichols, Pat Laroche; 10:10, Barren View: Matt LaHaye, Brad Prout, Duanne Smith, Ralph Backman; 10:20, Rockland; Ricky Jones, Jeff Wass, Corey Staples, Butch Allen; 10:30, Houlton Community: Gary Stewart, Greg Palmer, Sr., Don Collins, Scott Flannery; 10:40, Gorham: Tom Skelton, Larry Besanko, Paul Robinson, Tracy Rappleyea; 10:50, Bath: Chris Marco, Cameron Burgess, Ken Sowell, Kevin Bouch.

11:00, Biddeford-Saco: Keith Patterson, Steve Bouthot, Jeff Dutil, Scott Dewitt; 11:10, Woodlands: Andrew Vamvakias, William Faucher, John Isacke, John Bowen; 11:20, Sunday River: Jeff Harris, Jason Harris, Jason K. Harris, Mike Dephillipo; 11:30, Bath: Mike McGuire, TBA.

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