PARIS – The following real estate transfers were recorded in Oxford County:

Janice A. Merrill and Estate of Arlene May Merrill to James A. Merrill, in Dixfield.

Janice A. Merrill and Estate of Arlene May Merrill to Peter E. Merrill, in Canton.

Janice A. Merrill and Estate of Arlene May Merrill to David C. Merrill, in Dixfield.

Howard P. Lowell to Matthew Tifft and Kristan Poliquin, in Buckfield.

Bernard B. and Ruth B. Bailey to Karen Joan Bailey Aldrich and A. Martin Lloyd Bailey and Michael Philip Bailey, in Paris.

Evan A. Thurlow to Stephen A. and Sandra T. Roderick, in Oxford.

Susan C. and Susan G. Stephonson and Arthur T. Stephonson to Nancy Persson and Nancy Leonard, in Bethel.

Tammy L. Perry and Tammy L. Kaulback to Jeremy and Tammy L. Perry, in Peru.

Regina L. Child and Regina L. DeMers to Regina L. and John Child, in Rumford.

Danny Costain and Sanger Davis Jr. to John A. Lobb, in Norway.

Edward J. and Eleanor M. Maloney to Floyd C. and Martha Rowe, in Oxford.

John R. and Christine M. Benedict to Ann Louise Goulet and David W. H. Fenderson, in Newry.

Ian B. and Christina K. Brodie to David W. and Linda P. Carlson in Newry.

Dennis L. and Marjorie J. Hanson to Dennis L. Hanson, in Dixfield.

Estate of Ephraim Scott Jillson and Virginia F. Jillson to George Jillson, in Otisfield.

Virginia F. Jillson to George Jillson, in Otisfield.

Joann R. and Arthur E. Jr. Hill to Mary Delano and Thomas Tomczyk, in Norway.

Robert L. Richardson to Susan K. Jacoby, in Norway.

Gary L. and Karen D. Tibbetts to Wayne K. Kennagh, in Paris.

Jason McGrath to Jeffrey S. and Terry A. Ward, in Waterford.

Sunday River Skiway Corp. to Merrill Hill LLC, in Newry.

Jeffrey L. and Susan L. Herrick to July Flynn, in Paris.

Merle F. Jack Jr. and Merle F. Jacks Jr. to Rickie S. Jack, in Oxford.

Estate of Clyde W. Hemingway and Helen Lorna Hemingway to Helen Lorna Hemingway, in Waterford.

Bert H. and Priscilla V. Farrington to Troy A. and Christine L. and Sandra J. Solberg, in Peru.

Ronald B. Harmon to Rhonda S. and Dean R. Stitson, in Township.

Sylvia M. and Thomas E. Cheever to Thomas E. and Sylvia M. Cheever, in Newry.

Steven E. Elsman Sr. and Mark and Desmond and Desmond M. Duguay to Linda S. Theriault, in Sumner.

T.R. Dillon Logging Inc. to Sawyer Realty LLC, in Canton.

Celia L. Broomhall and Celia L. Fickenn to Celia L. and William H. Broomhall, in Gilead.

Joseph V. Dobbins to Harry Reese, in Oxford.

Estate of Arthur A. Gauthier and Sheryl G. Carver to Michel C. and Kathy A. Pratte, in Buckfield.

Margaret Haberman and Landon Fake to Edward R. Easter and Elizabeth H. Meadows, in Bethel.

Charles W. and Marilyn S. Lavin to Andrea L. Doherty, in Newry.

Dominico F. and Dominic F. Spadea and Maria Gagnon to Ferdinando Spadea, in Rumford.

Domenico F. Spadea and Estate of Salvatore Spadea to Dominico F. and Ferdinando Spadea and Maria Gagnon, in Rumford.

Janine and Steward W. Sr. Young to Clinton G. Bradbury, in Roxbury.

Richard J. Garrity to James V. Bertulli, in Rumford.

William Troy to Kagan Hagerty Community Property Trust and Richard M. Kagan and Julie Beth Hagerty Kagan, in Otisfield.

William B. Jr. and Patrice Bisha Valencia to Renee C. Whelan, in Newry.

Philip M. and Jean C. Wilbur Pulsifer and Theresa L. and Kenneth W. Hewitt, in Oxford.

Delano E. and Alice Chamberlain to Allen W. Marston, in Hartford.

Rhonda L. Desrochers to Kenneth G. and Lisa E. Smith, in West Paris.

Bertha May Flanders to Bertha May Flanders and Bertha May Flanders Living Trust, in Bethel.

Bruce A. and Karen Downing to Nancy J. and Robert L. Roy, in Otisfield.

Debra J. Perry to Michele Richardson, in Milton Plantation.

W. R. Rhea Associates Inc. to Christopher A. Plant and Norman F. Fee, in Roxbury.

Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems Inc. and Aegis Lending Corp. and Troyce R. and Faith G. Parsons to Aegis Mortgage Corp., in Oxford.

Sharon Packard to Brian and Jessica Arsenault, in Canton.

Roger C. White to Christopher P. DeSalle and Tonia J. Norris, in Rumford.

Heath A. McDonald and Julie M. McDonald to Paul D. and Stacey A. Morrison, in Dixfield.

Scott G. and Cheryl Farris to HSBC Mortgage Services, in Oxford.

HSBC Mortgage Services to June L. Gagnon and Eric McDowell, in Oxford.

Andrew Smith to G. Scott and Jennifer S. Smith, in Paris.

Federal National Mortgage Association to Shannon K. Kepner, in Mexico.

R. and L. Realty Trust and Richard C. Goulet to James M. and Diane A. Saprenza, in Bethel.

Evelin M. Sammel to Evelin M. Sammel and Prisca Alexandra Peltzer, in Bethel.

Mary Elizabeth Day to Leana R. Piawlock and Jason R. Gross, in Woodstock.

Powder Ridge Gang LLC to Carl S. Jr. and Deborah Pepper Dougherty, in Newry.

Julie A. Williams to Joesph G. Gailey and Lillian Johansen, in Woodstock.

James R. and Janne P. Provencher to Leonard A. and Molly O. McCarthy, in Lincoln Plantation.

Linda Taylor to James R. and Janne P. Provencher, in Lincoln Plantation.

Linda Taylor to Leonard A. and Molly O. McCarthy, in Lincoln Plantation.

Alden E. Cousins to Alden E. Cousins and Alden E. Cousins Trust, in Canton.

Marie P. Hickey to Marcel Polak and Emily Sears Ecker, in Woodstock.

Judith Van Vliet to Merton Van Vliet Jr. in Woodstock.

Dennis I. and Diane P. McAlister to Ricky A. and Tamarra L. Knox, in Buckfield.

Edward K. Libby to Heidi L. Barker, in Canton.

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