Miami and FIU weren’t the only college football teams involved in a brawl last weekend – players from Dartmouth and Holy Cross fought at the end of their game when the teams lined up for postgame handshakes.

The fighting started on Dartmouth’s Memorial Field after Holy Cross won 24-21 in overtime Saturday.

After Holy Cross players celebrated atop the Dartmouth “D” painted on the field, fights broke out between the teams when the Division I-AA teams lined up for customary handshakes.

Witnesses said some players were thrown to the ground and kicked. Coaches, campus security and Hanover police broke it up.

Dartmouth players who threw punches instead of shaking hands at the end of the game may face discipline or arrest, college and police officials said.

“What we observed was a lot of pushing, shoving, some punching, some kicking when people were on the ground,” police chief Nicholas Giaccone said. “We would break up one group, then another group would flare up. We’d get in the middle of that and another group would flare up.”

The melee lasted a minute or two, Giaccone said. He heard of no injuries among players, or among the coaches, Dartmouth security officers or police officers who ran onto the field to break things up.

The game wasn’t televised and the fight so unexpected and short that the cameraman filming the game for Dartmouth caught only the end. Giaccone said the video hasn’t been very useful, but said this was nothing like the helmet-swinging, player-stomping brawl between Miami and Florida International on Saturday.

“I don’t remember seeing anyone using a helmet as a weapon,” he said. “It was not any type of fighting situation. There was a lot of screaming, yelling and physical contact.”

Giaccone said punches were thrown, but he’s relying more on memory than video.

“For me to say what an individual person was doing … there was too much going on,” he said. “We were out there ourselves with limited protection. They’ve got all that equipment on.”

The chief said officers are speaking with players to see if they can shed any light on how the fight started.

At Dartmouth, sports information officer Kathy Slattery Phillips said the school is trying to figure out what video is available and who might be disciplined. Holy Cross sports information officer Charlie Bare didn’t immediately return a call seeking comment Tuesday.

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