PARIS – The following real estate transactions were recorded in Oxford County.

Marcelle A. and Kenneth S. Sloan to Sean and Charlene McLaughlin, in Norway.

David A. and Betty P. Pomerleau to Lisa M. Anderson and Shirley A. Twitchell, in Oxford.

Lee A. Ellingwood to Holly Ellingwood, in Paris.

Robert H. Robinson and Robert H. Robertson to Myriah Thebarge, in Dixfield.

Dennis and Diane Allen to Shannon l. Francis, in West Paris.

Samuel L. Small to Lisa McGee, in Paris.

Rickie Scott Jack to Anthony W. and Peggy S. Holden, in Oxford.

Kathleen M. Capponi to Crystal M. and Kevin B. Harting, in Mexico.

Kevin Allen and Bonnie L. Gould to Cory M. and Laurie B. Mohrlant, in Peru.

Robert P. and Karen A. McKearney to Franklin P. and Brenda F. Perry, in Paris.

Kenneth E. and Maria A. Newell to Charles R. Hurd Jr. and Donna L. Mallahy, in Albany Township.

Royal River Development Co. and Royal River Development Corp. to Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc., in Newry.

Custom Built Homes of Maine Inc. to Andrew W. and Jamie G. Crystal Lowry, in Newry.

Mary Helen Pacheco to M. Bernadine Keefe, in Roxbury.

Joan I. Wallman and John H. Campbell to John H. Campbell, in Andover.

Joan I. Wallman and John H. Campbell to Joan I. Wallman, in Andover.

Domenic Pugliares to Dominator Holdings LLC, in Bethel.

Barbara Carr to Scott F. and Rosemary Astrofsky, in Oxford.

David L. Sr. and Christine K. Smith to Stanley J. Jr. and Jennifer L. Taylor, in Otisfield.

Lloyd L. Poland to Michael H. and Mary Carroll Spidell, in Rumford.

Carrie D. and Michael C. Enos to Judy A. Ellis and Roger W. Whitehouse, in Peru.

Hanover Realty Trust and Timothy Healey to Elizabeth M. Houde, in Hanover.

Dale A. McKenney to Mark F. Duguay, in Sumner.

Dale A. McKenney to Mark F. and Desmond M. Duguay, in Sumner.

Bruce A. and Patricia A. Wakefield to Russell Haskell, in Albany Township.

Elmer J. and Eda M. Waterhouse to Emery A. Jr. and Cleo E. Ryerson, in Woodstock.

John A. and Christine J. Jamison to Mark B. and Virginia P. Dow, in Rumford.

Margaret G. Boothby and Dudly Glover, and Melvin Glover Jr. and Richard Glover, and Matthew M. Herrick and John D. Herrick Jr. to Catherine J. Medd and Brewster J. Burns, in Hebron.

Margaret C. Bailey to Tobias O. Parker, in Greenwood.

Richard F. and Barbara A. Maguire to Steven R. and Yvonne M. Hildebrand, in Otisfield.

Sharon Sturtevant and Estate of Sumner R. Sturtevant to Brian P. and Preston B. Mavor, in Buckfield.

James E. and Marie A. and Marie D. White and Lake Christopher Maine Realty Trust to Matthew G. and Glenna R. Bevin, in Greenwood/Woodstock.

William P. Kuvaja Jr. to William P. Jr. and Rebecca Kuvaja, in Norway.

Shirley Twitchell and Lisa and Raymond H. Anderson to Angela R. McDevitt, in Paris.

Daniel J. Connell to Kyra L. Heikkinen, in Oxford.

Kristine A. McDonald and Estate of Joseph D. Richards to Paul and Marie Sheehan, in Byron.

Mark McAllister and Brent Dan to Tina L. and Duane H. Hicks, in Sumner.

Thomas M. Messer to Christine A. Gingo, in Oxford.

Thomas M. Messer to Mary M. Delmazo, in Oxford.

Thomas M. Messer to Suzanne M. Gleichaub, in Oxford.

Anthony D. and Jessica L. Colon to Rebecca L. Barlow, in Paris.

Estate of Joy D. Gasta and Catherine R. Gasta to Robert J. Hand Jr. and Bethany Hand, in Paris.

Michel Pelletier to Robert L. Jr. and Christine Gould, in Greenwood.

David R. and Gracie I. Onofrio to Robert J. and Ruth Marie Cinnamon Davis, in Paris.

DRW Inc. to Andre Paradis and Benoit Vallee Jr., in Waterford.

Claudine T. Noftall to Bonnie E. Marien, in Peru.

Bonnie E. Marien to Claudine T. Noftall, in Peru.

Bonnie E. Marien and James R. Worthington to Claudine T. Noftall, in Peru.

Claudine T. Noftall to Bonnie E. Marien and James R. Worthington, in Peru.

W. R. Rhea Associates Inc. to Robert D. and Irene V. Perkins, in Roxbury.

Madelene F. and Madelene and Francis M. Ames to Martin T. and Martin and Kathleen Nadeau, in Hebron.

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