Baseball players and owners reached a tentative agreement on a five-year contract over the weekend, the first time the sides have achieved labor peace before their current deal expires. A look back at past labor troubles and deals:

1968 – Baseball’s first labor contract agreed to on Feb. 28, a two-season deal.

1970 – Sides reach preliminary agreement on three-year contract on May 23.

1972 – Players strike April 1 over pension plan, reach agreement on April 13.

1973 – Owners lock out players during spring training on Feb. 14, and sides reach tentative agreement Feb. 25 on a three-year contract establishing salary arbitration. There are 86 games canceled.

1976 – Owners lock out players during spring training from March 1-17, and sides reach tentative agreement on July 12 on four-year contract establishing free agency.

1980 – Players strike final eight days of spring training, and the sides reach preliminary four-year agreement on May 23, allowing the issue of free agency to be reopened the following season.

1981 – Players strike June 12, and sides reach agreement July 31 on contract through 1984. There are 712 games canceled.

1985 – Players strike Aug. 6, and sides reach agreement late on Aug. 7 on contract through 1989.

1990 – Owners lock out players during spring training on Feb. 15, and sides reach agreement March 18 on contract through 1993.

1994 – Players strike Aug. 12 until owners accept their April 2, 1995, unconditional offer to return to work, made March 31 after a U.S. District judge issued an injunction restoring terms and conditions of the expired agreement. The sides agree on March 14, 1997, to a contract through the 2000 season with a union option to extend it through 2001.

2002 – Hours before players were set to strike on Aug. 30, the sides agree to a contract through Dec. 19, 2006.

2006 – The sides reach tentative agreement Oct. 21, subject to drafting of a memorandum of understanding, on five-year contract through 2011 season.

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