NORWAY – Alison McCrady said her heart quaked after hearing loud gunshots fired close to the transfer station.

“It puts palpitations in your heart when you realize someone is shooting your way,” McCrady, the general manager of Norway-Paris Solid Waste, said Monday by phone.

A duck hunter two weeks ago had fired his shotgun unknowingly near some ball fields and sewer lagoons. The shot was fired toward the recycling building. It was a weekday, and although McCrady said no customers were troubled, the employees were rattled.

The transfer station on Brown Street sits close to some woods and a stream, a popular place for hunters.

Last week, Norway and Paris officials considered whether they should take action. Norway Town Manager David Holt said he is compiling a list of abutting landowners to inquire about possibly putting up cautionary signs for hunters.

The state provides free signs for landowners to designate certain areas as “safety zones.” The yellow signs warn hunters that residences, people and livestock are nearby, and then prohibit the discharge of guns.

Mark Latti, a spokesman for the state Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife, said the signs are available through the state’s landowner relations program. There is no restriction for them other than they have to be on someone’s private property, he said.

Holt said Norway selectmen do not want to necessarily deter hunters in that area.

“Selectmen expressed concern that this is a tradition that has gone on for a long time,” Holt said. “They have hunted duck in the stream there for many years, and they (the selectmen) didn’t want to overreact.”

The woods are not terribly remote; they are located between the transfer station and the high school, and a new trail wends its way through there.

After transfer station employees reported the gun shots to the warden service, a warden scouted the area to ensure that no violations had taken place, police Chief Rob Federico said.

McCrady said the hunter who fired the shots immediately apologized when he was told he was so close to the recycling center. But following that incident, she said a couple more hunters also fired guns close to the station.

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