In our science class we are learning about the kinetic model of matter. this talks about matter going through stages by getting more kinetic energy. It starts as a solid. Then goes to a liquid. Then to a gas. If you bring a gas out of the atmosphere it becomes a plasma, the forth stage of matter. A type of plasma is lightning. The kinetic energy is mostly heat. There are four points. you have to add or subtract kinetic energy to go from one to another. They are melting, boiling, condensing and freezing. A solid goes to liquid because of its melting point. A liquid goes to gas because of its boiling point. A gas goes to liquid because of its condensing point. A liquid goes to solid because of its freezing point Kinetic energy makes the atoms more more and more

In another class we have used magnesium to do an experiment. We put in into fire to make a light. he said that the thermometer will burst when you touch the magnesium with it. Magnesium is what sparklers have. We did an experiment where we imploded can. We heated the can with 5 ml of water. Then after a few minutes we put it in water and it imploded or crushed in.

Mr. Walton is a nice guy and he is funny. he teaches things in an interesting way. He is one of the best teachers.

I hope that this gives you an idea about what the new Siberians science teacher’s class is like.

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