Real-life pasta pro: There really was a real chef behind the Chef Boy-Ar-Dee line of Italian food products. Chef Hector Boiardi started in the food business as the owner of a Cleveland Italian restaurant in the 1940s.

East-west Interstate Highway No. 10 runs for 881 miles in Texas. The eastern end of Texas’ I-10 is closer to Jacksonville, Fla., than it is to Texas’ western end.

The author of the screenplay of the 1968 Beatles animated film “Yellow Submarine” later wrote what multimillion-selling 1970s book?

“Love Story”

B) “The Exorcist”

C) “Jaws”

D) “Rich Man, Poor Man”

Tuesday’s answer: Horsepower and watts are both measures of force. One horsepower is equivalent to about 750 watts.

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