Tripp Middle School says goodbye to some great teachers this year. This year there is a total of 12 brand new staff members here at Tripp Middle School.

There is Mr. Byron Bean and Ms. Jannifer Parsons who are special ed technicians on the Siberian team. Ms. Parsons is also a special ed teach on the Wild cats team with Ms. Cari Hebert. Ms. Sara Paster is the only one on the Bengals team.

The new special ed teacher is Mrs. Cynthia Veileux and is on the Siberians team. Mrs. Laurel Dingley is the special ed connected to all the teachers that teach. To all the new special ed technicians, good luck this year.

Other new staff include Mr. Maynard Walton, the science teacher on the Siberian team, Mrs. Jolene Randall, the new lit lab teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Thurston, Math lab, and Mr. Douglas Bishopp, is the new Industrial Arts teacher.

If you need any help on anything in this school you could go into the office and see Mrs. Nancy Donnell, the new secretary in the school.

We also have a new principal Mr. Scott Bell. The students would like to wish everyone good luck in the new year at Tripp Middle School.

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